Chapter Eleven

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Author's POV

"Adhira. I love... You. I love you Adhira. I know, I had did wrong with you, before I never knew the meaning of love, but you taught me, thank you for that. I want to ask you that, Will u become my better-half?" He confessed his feelings kneeling down on his one knee, infront of her.

She looked at him, but didn't said anything.

Shivaansh was kneeling down, he was waiting for her answer.

His eyes held expectation, the same feeling which once Adhira felt. She expected from him, and got hurt.

The same expectations, his eyes held, he wanted her to say yes, she smiled at him.

She kept her hand on his shoulder, and make him stand on his feet.

"Let's go home Shivaansh, it's quite late, and I don't want this to happen now." She replied, Shivaansh was confused by her reaction, he had thought that, she will say yes, after knowing his love for her.

But the way she had reacted, he never had thought.

"What are you saying Adhira? I asked you something." He said desperately.

She sighed and took a step back, she crossed her hand over her chest and started staring at him.

He was now annoyed at her reactions.

"Please say something, I really love you Adhira. Please don't be silent." Shivaansh said holding her hand, which she jerked at the very moment she felt his hand on hers.

"But how can you love me? I m maid's daughter, infact I m a maid, how can you love me? I don't belong to your status, did I? Your change of mind and heart for whom? For me? For that girl, who is nothing but a maid?

How can you love someone like me? I don't belong to you, Shivaansh, or should I call you, Shivaansh Sir? You are my master, after all." She said in a taunting manner, mocking him.

"You remember?" He whispered after he heard her.

"How can I forget those words, Shivaansh? How can you expect me this? Words is the most powerful weapon, anyone can ever have. It gave you immense pain, when someone said hurtful words to you. And you expected me to forget it?

Wow, Mr. Shivaansh Kapoor (she clapped as she said that), when I loved you, you broke me by saying those mean words to me, you said I don't belong to your status, you said become something, then come to you for love.

I m not that desperate for your love, when it comes to my self-respect, becoz for me, self-respect is more important than love. One can never love someone, if he don't respect her. And you never did, today you are implying that you love me, what if something happened, tomorrow to my company, will you still love me?" She said her eyes were red in anger, he was just looking at her and feeling every words he said to her that day.

"Let me answer you this, Mister, you will left me. Becoz you don't love me. You don't trust me, you don't respect me, Respect and Trust is the beginning of any relationship, and you don't have that for me, then how can I expect you that you will love me and will never leave my side?" She yelled at him at last.

"You loved me, didn't you, how can love fades away this easily?" He questioned, thinking she might stop there.

"Love? Yes I loved you at that time, but then I realized, my self-respect is more important than my love. And when I got the chance to choose between them, I chose self-respect, infact everyone should do that, it will be better to live without you, saving self-respect than be with you crushing my self-respect.

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