Chapter Ten

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Author's POV

Her plan was going smoothly, and now a days, she spent her most times with Shivaansh, As she is a business partner of Viaan, Viaan too have to be with them.

The way she behaves with Shivaansh, it didn't looked like she was doing this just to take revenge, it looked like, she forgave him, and now wanted to live with him happily.

Viaan too started thinking this, he don't want to see her with him, but he was the one who pushed her towards him, knowing maybe she won't take her revenge, and forgive him, and they both will live happily.

Sometimes, the person who supported you in your bad times, needs more attention than those who left you when you need them, and whom you have expected to help.

And that's what, Viaan needs, her love and care but she never looked at him, the way she looked at Shivaansh.

He so wanted to return in those world again, from where he came from, but his heart always denies after knowing that he loves her, he can't cheat her.

The person you love the most, is the one who hurts you the most, and sometimes it was unbearable pain, that you just wanted to go away from there, you wanted to escape from there.

He too wanted to do that, he too wanted to go back to US, where his uncle lived.

His uncle too wanted him to settled there. But Viaan always had denied him, before becoz he was adamant to become no. 1 and after becoz he was adamant to make her his.

But that's true, we never got what we wished for.

He too knew, she can never be his.

He knocked at her door, waiting impatiently her to answer.

After he heard her saying, "come in", he opened the door only to find her alone.

He was surprised, as he couldn't find Shivaansh there.

"Where is Shivaansh?" He asked still in surprise.

"He is on his way." She replied, without looking up at him.

"Here, is the files. And my 49% of shares will be yours." He said extending the papers he was holding.

"What? But why?" She was taken aback, by his comment.

She looked up at him, examining his facial expressions.

"I m leaving this country." He replied, avoiding her gaze at him.

"But why?" She asked still couldn't able to believe, why he was doing this.

"My uncle needs me. And I don't think, I would be able to come back, and look after my business. So I wanted to focus on one business. And as you are my business partner, I want this company to be on you." He replied, he was just doing this, becoz of her. But she hasn't a slightest bit of idea about his behaviour, for some reason, she felt sad, she don't want him to go.

Maybe she hadn't noticed him quite, but she knows, his departure will cause her. She wanted to take her revenge, and she needs him.

"But you can come back, after ensuring his well being? Right?" She asked unsure, he looked up at her, he wanted her to stop him, but now whatever she was doing is doing for herself. And to know, if she being selfish or not, he asked.

"I don't think, I will able to come back, here is no one who wants me, but my uncle who is in US. So yeah... this is the best decision I can make." He said casually as if it didn't affect him.

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