Chapter Fifteen

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Author's POV

It's been two weeks, Viaan was still behaving weirdly with Adhira.

Viaan was working on something important, when Adhira knocked at his door.

"Come in." He said, still engrossed in his work.

"Can I ask you something?" As soon as he heard her voice, he looked up and saw her standing there.

"Yes." His short reply made her groan, he ignored her and continued to do his work.

"Here is the Mehra's file, your sign is needed." She said without any emotion, she wanted to ask something else, but she changed her mind as she saw him ignoring her.

He looked up at her, he can feel her sad mood and he too knows what she was thinking right at this moment.

He nodded, and she gave him the file, he started reading it.

After reading for a good 15 minutes, he signed on those papers.

She took the file, and he resumed his work, and that is ignoring her.

"You want something?" He asked without looking up at her, as he finds her still standing there.

Adhira came out of her thoughts, before she could reply, the door opened and Mukta came inside.

"Baby, here is your coffee. You want something else?" Mukta said, walking towards Viaan.

Viaan smiled at her, and took the coffee from her hand.

"Thanks. Doll. And no I'm ok with this coffee." He said, hearing him, Adhira felt disgusted.

'Doll? My foot.' She muttered under her breath.

"Baby, Who is she?" Mukta asked, as she sat opposite of Viaan.

"We are business partners." Viaan replied as he looked at Adhira.

As Adhira heard this, she stormed out of his cabin.

She don't know but she was feeling hurt.

'Why he is behaving like this?' She was thinking about him.

She was feeling betrayal, Betrayed by him.

Next day, Adhira went to her office, this time she didn't went to Viaan's office.

She was working but her whole mind was roaming around him.

"He was no different from Shivaansh. They both are same." She muttered, but someone was hearing her mutterings.

"Nope, he is different." Adhira looked up at the person and found Mukta standing there, at her cabin's door.

She narrowed her eyebrows at her.

"What do you mean?" She questioned.

"Viaan is different. I don't know who is Shivaansh or what he is for you, but I'm sure, you can't find someone like Viaan, a selfless personality." Mukta said coming inside her cabin.

"I don't want to talk about him. You can leave." Adhira said coldly.

"Oh really? Well, I heard you talking. So I thought you..." Adhira cut her off in middle.

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