Chapter Four

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Adhira's POV

My exams are over now, and I m really feeling relaxed.

How it feels, when ur exams are over? Excited right?

I m feeling too. But I don't know what to do after this.

Last paper is fun, I hadn't studied much becoz the excitement of last paper didnt left me.

But then, comes result day. It's the most worst day on Earth.

I really feel, that Mother Earth swallow me, at particular that day.

And after the day ends she would drop me to my home.

I know she can do that, she helped Sita Mata. She can help me too.

But for now, I want to enjoy, now I dont have to study, but yeah, I have to ready myself for next things.

But I will do that later.

I woke up, quite late, Maa has already went to the Mansion.

Shivaansh had helped me in my studies, and we kind a become good friends. And can say a close one.

He went daily to his office, and at night he came to my house and helped me with my studies.

My exams were over yesterday.

I was so much excited that I cant express.

Ok. Relax Adhira. It's not like u have won any Nobel prize, that u r behaving like one.

I freshen up, and bathed.

I was so bore in this house. I don't understand what to do.

I didnt went to Mansion, as Shivaansh also was not there, must have gone to office, and bade sir also be present there.

The day went in a blur. Today, Shivaansh also didnt came, I called him but then he said, he has some important work, he will come tomorrow.

What must be so important for him, that he was out this late night?

I gave the thought a rest. Maa also came from Mansion.

Today, I made the dinner for us.

She was surprised at first but then, shrugged the thought.

I was happy, maybe tomorrow we will meet.

I unfold our sheet and layed down, I closed my eyes but his face came in view.

What the hell?

Why I m seeing his face?

I again closed my eyes, and again I saw him.

The thing about him always attracted me towards him was, his smile, his curly hairs, his beard but more than that, his heart.

His pure heart. He has a golden heart.

He never treated my mother as maid, and always respected her.

And he was not like others, who insults their maid, and treated them as animal.

He is different from all.

He is unique in his own way.

Maybe, maybe, if I will confess my feelings for him tomorrow, he will understand me.

I know he will understand me. No matter what.

But I m afraid, what his father think about me?

If he thinks about me as gold digger, then let me tell him, I myself wanted to achieve something in my life, not wanted to sit and eat.

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