Chapter Nineteen

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Author's POV

Six Months Later

"You will be normal Viaan. Ok?" Adhira said helping him to wear his tuxedo.

"I can't promise, Love, what if he is not suitable?" He asked sighing as he was hearing her warning from morning.

"If he will be like that, Vanshi hadn't chosen him, right?" Adhira said.

"No Adhira, she is still a child. I can't let her choose like that. I should investigate about him." Viaan said in his serious tone.

Adhira shook her head and smiled at her husband.

"Ok, but let me check on her, if she is ready or not. Ok? And yes, promise me, you will be calm?" She asked and at this he just nodded while placing a kiss on her forehead.

She exited the room to check on Vanshi.

"Bhabhi. I'm nervous. What if Bhai reject him?" Vanshi said as she saw her Bhabhi coming inside the room.

"Vanshi. He won't. And if he will do that, I'll make him understand, ok?" She said and helped her to get her ready.

Viaan came downstair, and saw the person sitting on the sofa.

As he saw Viaan, he stood up from his place and put a small nervous smile on his lips.

"Nice to meet you. Mr...." Viaan said but he stopped in middle as he don't know his last name.

"Rajvir Sehgal." Rajvir said shaking his hand with Viaan, at this Viaan nodded and gestured him to sit.

"So... Are you a businessman?" Viaan asked and at this Rajvir nodded.

"Yes, I have a company in New Zealand, as well as in India too." He replied keeping his perfect smile on his face.

They were talking when, Adhira came along with Vanshi.

She helped her to sit next to Rajvir, at which, Viaan didn't looked too happy.

But Adhira calmed him as she squeezed his hand lightly.

"She is Adhira, My wife." Viaan said and at this Rajvir bowed at her in a gesture to greet her, she also smiled at him.

"Rajvir, how can I trust you with my sister? She is too innocent to know anything." Viaan asked, looking straight towards Rajvir.

"I assure you, Mr. Rajput, I won't disappoint you, now she is my everything. I can't make her sad not even for a second. I won't break your trust. Promise." He said.

"Promise meant to be broken, Mister. You can convince my sister by your sweet talk, but not me." He said rudely, raising his eyebrows at him.

Adhira sighed as she saw him talking to him rudely.

"Love, I think we need to talk on something very important, so can you guys please leave us for a moment?" Viaan asked looking at his wife.

Adhira nodded at this and took Vanshi with her inside the kitchen.

As soon as they went away from there, Viaan stood up from his place and hugged Rajvir tightly.

"After so many years, where were you idiot?" Viaan asked, while Rajvir smiled at him.

"I was in New Zealand, because of Dad. He wanted me to settle down there. But come on, I wanted to marry an Indian Girl. So here I'm." He said breaking their hug.

"Well, I'm glad, she chose you, or else, I would never let her marry someone,  easily. You are lucky." Viaan said.

"Well, I'm." Rajvir said and they both sat in their respective seat.

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