Chapter Fourteen

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Author's POV

Viaan left Adhira's place, with Vanshi.

Adhira and Vanshi were clueless, as why is he behaving like this?

Vanshi was continuously asking him with her questions while Adhira was calling him, which he was attending any.

He was driving, while thinking about her mother's words or can say request.

How can he insult her mother? He can't.

"Bhai please stop the car and please tell me what happened?" Vanshi asked this time, shouting.

Viaan stopped his car and continued to look straight, on the road.

"Bhai...please." she said.

He looked at her, and then again turn his head to the other side.

"I have got a call from an investor, and its important." He said, without looking at her.

Vanshi knew he was lying but after seeing her brother's anger, she stayed silent.

"And now you won't utter a word." Saying this he started the engine and drove towards his mansion.

As they reached, Vanshi came out and Viaan parked the car.

After that, he disappeared to his room.

As those words were repeating in his head, again and again.


"Beta I want to request you, that Adhira is a very kind girl please don't use her, beta. Please." She said folding her hand infront of him, he shook his head and kept his hand on hers while telling her to not do this.

"But aunty...I don't know what you're saying." He said as he was confused.

"Beta. You know, She loved Shivaansh Kapoor. I too don't know that, but when she left Delhi to come here and pursue her dream, one day, Shivaansh came to my house. I was a maid in his mansion.

He told me everything, I was embarrassed but then he said, he don't have any kind of hate for her, he didn't mind her being maid, but he wanted her to do something in her life and that's why he insulted her, so that she could give her all attention towards her studies.

Beta, if he wasn't there, Adhira was not what she is today. I don't know, if you have something for her. But beta, she loved him from starting, and I am sure, love never faded. Think beta, what if she married you and then she realized that she don't love you, she love Shivaansh. Then in that way, three lives will be ruined.

Beta she is too innocent. You know, she wanted to become something for herself, so that, I wouldn't have to work. She was very hardworking. But beta, let her realize that she loves only one person and that is Shivaansh. He is perfect for her. And please beta leave her.

Already she had faced so many things, please let her enjoy her life. I know, you will feel strange, that why I m telling you this, but I want to request you, please leave her for her. Shivaansh loves her and she also loves him, whatever Shivaansh did in past, is becoz of her. She deserve someone whom she loves and who loves her. I was an employee in his mansion, and I can say that, he is what she need.

And if you will be with her, she won't ever realizes her feelings. And if you think, I am wrong here, then, think yourself, did she ever told you her feelings? No, right? Did she ever said that, she like you? No, becoz she don't like you, so love is very far.

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