Chapter Eight

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Author's POV

You can't take Adhira's name without Ms. Agarwal, Becoz she had done something like that.

"Ms. Agarwal, here are the papers, you have to sign on them." Her PA said coming in her luxurious cabin.

It's about her three years hard work.

She had constantly had been working and making herself engrossed in her work.

She didn't remain the same Adhira, the old one, who easily trust anyone but she is the new one and her only rule is that, never trust strangers.

Her aim to destroy Shivaansh, was still there.

Her mother lived with her, in her mansion.

Her mother didn't believed at first, when she told her that, she had bought a mansion of her own.

It's a dream of many, that they have their own mansion, but not everyone can do that.

Adhira snapped from her thoughts.

"Ma'am, plz...sign on them." Her PA said again.

She nodded and signed on those papers.

"Ma'am, there's someone, who wants to talk to you. Its urgent." Rahul again said, her PA.

"Who?" She asked reading some files, when his name stopped her in middle.

"Mr. Viaan Singh Rajput." He said and she looked up at him.

"Send him." Saying this she dismissed him, and put the paper, she was reading a while ago.

She saw the door open, and there he came, his beard has grown, and he looks like a person, who hadn't slept for weeks.

Viaan came inside, and looked at her.

She now became more beautiful, and just by looking at her, his heart fluttered.

But she can't even feel anything for him.

"Good Morning. Ms. Agarwal." Viaan started as he saw, she was in her thoughts.

Adhira came out of her thoughts, and nodded at him.

"Plz...Sit." she said and Viaan took his seat.

"So, can I ask you, why you are here? Mr. Rajput?" Adhira asked in her professional tone.

"Ms. Agarwal, I have an offer for you." He said and stopped, he looked at her.

"What offer?" She asked raising her one eyebrow up.

"Deal with me, and I will give you its 51% shares. Remaining 49% will be mine." He offered, while she was confused as why he wants something that will loss him.

"Why?" She asked looking at him intently.

"There is a specific reason, and I m sure you will love it. I want us to be partners. So are you ready?" He asked taking his hand out for handshake but she just stared at him, she didn't said anything, and stood up from her place, taking her coat, she started making her way out.

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