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Welcome to the very first part of the book!!!

Here goes the character sketch of the story...

• Female Lead : PALAK MEHTA (Age- 25 years)

Here comes our lead star, she is supervisor in her dad's organization. She's workaholice and straight forward in nature. She's really pampered by her family.

• Mehta Family(GUJARATI):

SAVITRI MEHTA (Age- 70 years)

She is grandmother of Palak and Veer Mehta, she owns and runs an orphanage named “Aashaiyen" along with her daughter-in- law. She is head of the family.

SHEKHAR MEHTA (Age- 53 years)

He is father of Palak and Veer, he is CEO of his company named “Mehta Event Organizers"©. He is joyful in nature and risk taker. He is little strict with Veer but friendly with Palak. Loves his family so much.

SMITA MEHTA (Age-50 years)

She is mother of Palak and Veer, she is not only housewife but also helping hand to her mother-in-law.

VEER MEHTA (Age- 29 years)

He is brother of Palak, he is a Politician and member of ruling government. He is really protective for Palak.

KAVYA MEHTA (Age- 27 years)

She is wife of Veer. She teaches in highschool. She shares a really good bond with Palak and a mother of a baby.

VIAAN MEHTA (Age- 2 years)

He is baby of Veer and Kavya. He is favorite member of the family.

•TANYA RAI (Age- 25 years)

She is best friend of Palak. They are together since 5th grade. At times she is her mood maker and stress buster. She knows Palak in and out. They had done there graduation together in same field.

Paternal family of Palak:



SHIV BHANUSHALI (Cousin)(College student)

AARADHYA BHANUSHALI (Cousin)(10tg student)

• Male Lead : RITWIK OBEROI ( Age- 27 years)

Here comes our center of attraction. He is son of Kushan and Roshani Oberoi. He is CEO of Oberoi's Pvt. Ltd. In this age he is successful under the guidance of his father and uncle. His attitude is different for different people and he is favorite of his daddu.


PARAMVEER OBEROI ( Age- 75 years)

He is grandfather of Ritvik, Ruhani and Manav. He is retired major of the Indian Army. He is very friendly with his grand children. He treats his daughter-in-laws as his own daughters. He is head of the family.

KAUSHAL OBEROI ( Age- 55 years)

He is Bade Papa (uncle) of Ritwik, Ruhani and father of Manav. He with his brother (kushan) had established their business named “Oberoi's Pvt. Ltd"©. Right now he is board member of Oberoi's Pvt. Ltd. They have chain of hotels in different countries of the world.

ASHA OBEROI (Age- 52 years)

She is Badi Maa (aunt) of Ritwik, Ruhani and mother of Manav. At first she used to help her husband and brother-in -law in business but now she is only focusing on her family.

KUSHAN OBEROI (Age- 52 years)

He is father of Ritwik and Ruhani. Right now he is board member of Oberoi's Pvt. Ltd. He is romantic and open minded. He never leaves a chance to show his love towards his family.

ROSHNI OBEROI (Age-old 49 years)

She is mother of Ritwik and Ruhani. She is housewife and protective in nature. She is  straight forward and finding a perfect match for her son.

MANAV OBEROI ( Age-30 years)

He is son of Kaushal and Asha. Elder brother of Ritwik and Ruhani. He has just married to his love Jenny. He owns a fashion house with his wife named “Golden Elegance”. He has returned from Paris after completing his Fashion Designing course.

JENNY OBEROI (Age-27 years)

She is wife of MANAV. She is sweet and treat Ritwik and Ruhani as her own siblings. She is fond of Indian culture. She met Manav in Paris during their studies.

RUHANI OBEROI (Age-23 years)

She is younger sister of Ritwik and Manav. She is youngest in the family so she is pampered by the family. She has just qualified her masters in Hotel Management.

•Best friends:




Paternal Family of Ritwik:






HEER KHURANA (Sister) (12th student)

So are you excited for the roller coaster ride of Ritwik and Palak by seeing this character sketch??

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