Chapter 46: The Truth Comes Out

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Warning: This chapter contains torture and violence!

Her head was pounding.

The bright sun peered down at her curiously as she scrambled to get her bearings, her vision blurred by red and green.

"Valentina! Where the hell did we land?" Rick hissed, baring his teeth at the witch.

"Do you know how much energy it takes to open a portal, let alone two within ten minutes of each other? You're lucky we didn't land in the Pacific Ocean!" Valentina, the witch, snapped, glaring at him.

He rolled his eyes, snarling as he dragged Leanna behind him. Her moans of protest were ignored as twigs and rocks dug her into her body, scratching her skin.

"We're probably about 20 miles from the pack," an unfamiliar voice hummed, and Rick scoffed.

"Whatever. Let's just get a move on. None of this went according to plan," the irritation was clear in his voice as he began moving.

Leanna winced as her body was jostled with little care, thrown over someone's shoulder.

"Try not to bleed on me," the person holding her remarked quietly.

Her only response was a quiet groan.

As they walked together, Leanna drifted in and out. They were moving faster than a human and with each bump, the shoulder dug painfully into her stomach. Nevertheless, she did her best to remain quiet. She needed to collect her thoughts and figure out a way to break free.

It was clear they'd gotten lost, the witch's magic weakened. With the speed they were going, it'd take them about 2 hours to reach Crescent Blood. And when they did, her chances of survival would diminish to almost zero. A part of her knew that Rick wouldn't immediately kill her; he'd have his fun first.

The sun rose higher in the sky as they walked, the heat beating down on harshly. Her body had already healed, leaving behind smears of blood across her skin. The dull pain that echoed in her head was a bleeding compared to what she'd felt earlier, and it only served to fuel her anger.

Rick doubted her, her strength, her resolve. He said her escape two years ago as a fluke. They'd left out there, wounded, and hadn't thought to bring her back inside. Simply a lack in judgment, an error. It was why he wasn't keeping such a close eye on her. He was too cocky.

"Can we take a break?" The man holding her spoke up, coming to a halt.

"Are you fucking serious? We have twenty minutes left," Rick griped, turning his glare on the wolf.

"Yeah well, you aren't holding dead weight now, are you?" The wolf snapped back, growling.

"Watch your tongue, boy. I won't hesitate to snap your neck," the Beta threatened menacingly.

The wolf holding her scoffed, "Last I checked, you aren't the Alpha."

Rick was visibly shaking. "I will rip your head off if you step out of line again. Do not test me," he seethed, his eyes filling with black.

"Yeah, yeah. Okay," he mumbled, dropping Leanna to the ground.

She held in the gasp of pain from the rough landing, keeping her body limp.

"Walk it off. We have more important things to deal with than a disobedient child," Valentina chided him.

Rick ignored her, turning his eyes on the wolf, "Let me know when you're done stretching, princess."

As he walked away, her guard rotated his shoulder back and forth. "I'm going to take a leak. Stay!" He yelled at her and then ran off, zipping his pants as he went.

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