Chapter 25: Cromwell

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Memories from the last 19 years of her life flew through her, igniting every scar on her body. She felt sensitive and everything hurt like nothing she'd ever experienced. The scars on her back burned the most, making it hard to concentrate on the people clamoring around her. Questions were coming left and right.

What pack were you with? Who is the Alpha? Where's your father? Who are you?

"I can't think...please..." she whispered as Delta Sean started to get a bit physical, grabbing her shoulders.

"Wilhelm Gaundry, where is he?! Tell us now or I'll throw you to the rogues!" He snarled, baring his wolf fangs.

She cowered under the power of his wolf, tears stinging her eyes. She could barely breathe from how close everyone was and everything hurt.


Phoenix's voice bounced off the walls and the room fell silent. She sniffled, looking up at him. 

"I'm sorry. I can't think..." she grabbed her head, Jagger's cool arms wrapping around her.

"Kindly tell your groupies to back the fuck off before I eat them," Jagger snarled and the three surrounding her backed away.

"Clear the room."

They followed the Alpha's command and left though she could see they were anxious to know. Gemma stayed behind, ignoring Phoenix's glare.

"She needs someone to help calm her down and I doubt you two know how to do that," Gemma stated matter-of-factly and Jagger made a sound.

"That's offensive. I am well-versed in calming women down," he retorted and Leanna smiled a little.

"Relax, Jagger."

Phoenix walked toward her, sitting on the couch across from them, "Do you think you can talk?"

She nodded, "Yes. I was just overwhelmed."

"Start slow and from the beginning. What pack are you from?"

"Crescent Blood Pack. But before that..."

her past echoed in her ears. She could hear her father's voice, so stern and empty. Her mother's sweet lullaby. The smell of freshly baked bread. The buzz of the pack and children running around, filled with laughter. 

The blood red crown that sat on her father's head.

A king, he'd told her. A king to rogues. No heir to his lineage was going to be weak. She wouldn't cry over a skinned knee or something as trivial as death. She was supposed to be strong, powerful. 

"Can I play, daddy?" She'd asked.

She wanted nothing more than to play.

"No," he'd snap. "You're not like them. You are special."

"But why am I special?"

He stared down at her with those pale eyes of his, devoid of any emotion. "You have a power no one else has."

Then he was gone and her mother was swooping  her up in her arms.

"Momma, why do I have powers? I just wanna be normal," Leanna would whine.

"Because you are fierce and strong. The Moon Goddess chose you for a reason, my little star."

She looked up at Phoenix, realizing her mind was running wild.

"My father is Wilhelm. Though from the look on your faces, I'd say that doesn't come as a surprise to you. He was very strict and I always wanted to just be a normal kid. So one day, I was off exploring and I saw a fairy. It was the mos beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I chased it for a while and before I realized it, I'd lost myself. It was so late and I was terrified of what my father would do so I ran. I walked for hours until I stumbled upon Vincent and his Beta, Rick. They took me in and shortly after we were attacked.

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