Chapter 54: Reunited

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It was madness.


He was drowning in it.

So many screams, so much pain. It tore through the wounds in his soul, and he so desperately wanted to tear his skin off and claw everything out.

How had this happened twice?

How had fate repeated itself and once again destroyed him?

His tortured howls cut through the air, his chest rising and falling harshly. His eyes blazed like golden suns, as if lighting his grief on fire.

The ground was unsteady as he climbed to his feet, holding the lifeless body of his mate. Around him, the battle seemed to slow.

Most of the Alphas had pulled back their wolves, and most who were left fighting were the rogues who'd joined Rick, and Wilhelm's own rogues. They were ferocious in their attack, all teeth and sharp claws, ripping each other limb from limb like it was sport.

Had it not been for Leanna, Phoenix would've participated.

He would've slaughtered all of them.

Adjusting Leanna's weight on him, he moved one foot in front of the other, marching through the hazy crowd.

"Phoenix-" Kai stopped short when he saw him. "Brother."

The Alpha responded with a snarl, moving around him. Most wolves cleared out of the way at the sight of him; a wounded Alpha holding the body of his mate was gruesome. He could hear their gasps, the whispers. He was sure his own wolves could feel the loss of their Luna, but it wasn't something he could face at the moment.

It was taking every inch of strength he had not to snap at the tidal wave of emotions that threatened to render him immobile.

"We need you-"

"No," his response was quick, cutting off anything Kai had to say.

"Phoenix," Rhea's voice was breathless as he hadn't stopped walking, and increased his speed.


Emerging over a hill up ahead stood the Crescent Blood pack house, the shadowed light of the sun making it appear dreary.

It's white brick walls had been stained by fire, wisps of smoke still oozing from it. The majority of the upper level windows had been blown out, leaving decorative pieces of destruction across the lawn.

In quick, long strides he reached the front door and shouldered past the broken frame, his eyes flickering around the empty foyer. The inside was just as destroyed, furniture snapped and shredded, portions of the stairs collapsed under the rubble of the ceiling.

"Phoenix," Gemma's voice was loud in the silence, echoing off the walls.

Her footsteps were hesitant, each placement precise until she stood less than a foot away. He could hear the sharp thrum of her heart, her labored breathing. As much as she tried to hide it, he could smell it.


He wasn't surprised; he was sure he looked unhinged, carrying the body of his dead mate, covered in her blood and his own.

Any wolf in this state was dangerous but an Alpha was deadly.

Gemma knew, from past experience, just how bad he could get.

"Phoenix," her voice was quieter, slower. "What are you doing?"

He tensed at the question because he didn't have an answer.

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