Chapter 36: Alcohol and Killers

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Phoenix was filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

A fire burned deep within him as he walked outside, the wolves instinctively following him. A storm brewed above them, and it was like a fuel as the thunder cracked. He came to a stop, the wolves circling him.

He looked among the crowd, meeting their eyes.

"Our pack has been threatened," he began. "Crescent Blood attacked this pack and sent humans to do it! They hide behind the weakest and believe themselves the strongest. A spineless Alpha with a tyrannical Beta is a dangerous combination but it gives us the upper hand. We are one pack, united to protect, and we will protect each other and those in danger for as long as the Goddess sees it."

The pack clapped, their cheers deafening as they chanted their Alpha's name. He grinned, pride swelling in his chest. When the noise died down, his face turned serious.

"I know that I wasn't there the night of the attack and for that, I'm sorry. We haven't seen an attack in 200 years and when it happened, we were blind sighted. Humans came onto our land, undetected, and killed several before we realized what was going on. To know people can waltz in here under our noses is unacceptable. Which is why, starting tomorrow, we are going to work harder. Those who are recuperated enough will report to Beta Maire who will separate you by age group.

I will also be doubling border patrol the pack so if you want a spot, please see Delta Sean. You must be, minimum, 50 years old. Children will resume their regular training with an extra two hours added on those 13 and up. It's going to be rough for a little bit, but we will come out on top together."

They erupted into cheers once more he let out a wolfish growl, the pack copying him.

"What are we?" He roared, the energy rolling through the crowd.


"What do we do when our home is threatened?" He eyes shifted black, his wolf coming out.




"When do you think it's a good time to tell him?" Gemma slumped down in the couch, letting out a dramatic sigh.

Leanna smiled, shaking her head, "He's been really busy, Gem. Just give him some time to settle into a routine and then you'll be able to talk."

"I know but it's been almost a month! I'm just so anxious and I'm getting tired of having to hide Sebastian from the pack," the wolf pouted.

The following weeks after Phoenix's speech, a lot had begun to change. A hundred wolves had been selected for patrol and training them was coming along slow. Phoenix wasn't confident that enough had been chosen but Sean had assured him that they were the best of the best. Along with the new guards, they would be getting an influx of new wolves from Kai and Valor in a few days.

They were sending over a thousand each, bumping the current number to 8,000. Imogen was working with two other witches to create 20 large buildings to fit 100 wolves each. That wasn't counting any other wolves that other packs would send once they'd agreed to fight alongside them.

"Okay, so what if you just bring him to dinner tonight?" Leanna closed her laptop, rubbing her temples.

Gemma's eyes lit up, "Really?! Oh, that would be amazing! He's just so perfect!"

"Why, yes, I am," Jagger walked into the room, giving Gemma a wink.

"Don't even try to be cute," Gemma gave him a mock glare.

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