Chapter 24: Memories

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The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when Olivia's alarm went off. Leanna glared at it as she was already awake; she couldn't sleep from the anxiety in her stomach. Phoenix wanted to see her in his office but gave no indication as to why. 

Maybe he wants to murder me.

That was dark. She shook her head and rolled out of the bed, watching Olivia cover her head, falling back asleep.

Must be nice.

Leanna walked to the closet and pulled on the nicest pair of jeans Olivia had given her, which were rather worn and torn at the knees. She grabbed a long-sleeve after putting on her bra. Once finished, she headed out the door and down the stairs. Being so early in the morning, there was minimal activity in the house.

The only ones awake at that hour were the Omegas. She caught a glimpse of Sophie and waved, giving her a smile.

"Good morning, Soph!" She whisper-yelled.

"Good morning to you too, early-bird," she teased, giggling.

"So um, where is the Alpha's office?" Leanna asked, the nerves twisting in her stomach.

"I'll show you."

She led her down a hall close to the kitchen, pointing to a door.

"He often stays in his office for hours at a time so he keeps close to kitchen so he doesn't have far to walk for food," she explained and Leanna nodded,

"I feel that."

Sophie snorted, covering her face as she stopped at the door.

"Good luck, Leanna," she gave her a sweet smile and then disappeared down the way they'd come.

She stared at the door, her heart hammering so hard in she chest she feared it might jump out. Lifting her hand, she gave the door three, small knocks.

"Enter," his voice carried through.

You got this. You got this. 

She repeated the mantra in her head and opened the door, stepping in quietly. Despite the early morning sun, his office was shrouded in such darkness that she could just barely make out his form on the couch.

"Um, it's me. Leanna."

"Yes, I assumed it was you," his voice was thick and laced with sleep. It sent a shiver down her spine and she blushed. 

He remained silent for several minutes and she felt awkward standing by the door but didn't want to move without permission. She watched as he sat up, running a hand through his hair. 

"Do you know how to fight?" His sudden question caught her by surprise and she blinked,


He let out a chuckle, "How are you unsure if you can fight?"

"Well," she shifted from foot to foot, her face heating up with embarrassment. "I don't have my memories so I don't really know if I ever learned to fight. I very well could've."

"Fair point. I've given you Sanctuary and in the last three months you've proven that you can be trusted to a certain extent. I don't know if I'll give you a permanent position in the pack; I'll have to convene with the rest of the pack hierarchy. But what I can do is teach you to fight. I can't have a weak link in this pack, whether temporary or not. Have you met Gemma?" 

Leanna shook her head, "Not that I know of."

"She'll get you proper clothes that fit. I would've entrusted her to oversee you but she's been out of town on personal business. She'll be back today so we'll get started when she gets here."

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