Chapter 21

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Jagger was lounging across the couch, ignoring the fact that his presence was making the wolves uncomfortable. 

Most of them were going about their daily lives, but those in the pack hierarchy were with him. His eyes lazily moved around the room, taking note of everyone he saw. 

Beta Maire, a tall, dark woman who was the  first female Beta in the pack in well over a hundred years. She intimidated him simply because she had the ability to make her eyes appear empty and so void of emotion it was like staring into an abyss. At the moment she was glaring at him, and he quickly looked away.

His eyes landed on Delta Sean, a tall man whose skin was heavily tanned by the sun. His light eyes were scanning around the room, and occasionally would flicker over to Jagger with unease. The man looked harmless but Jagger had seen him in battle and knew better than to underestimate him.

The Gamma, Becca, was a short, petite woman with a bubbly smile on her face. Jagger knew from experience that she was a bit unhinged but it apparently worked when interrogating rogues so he didn't have much to say about it.

A scream broke through the uncomfortable silence and Jagger winced, covering his ears. He knew it was Rowena's but he couldn't do anything about it and the stench of the infection was wafting toward him and it took all he had not to gag.

Her screams were reduced to small whimpers and gasps and the sound was hard to hear but he couldn't turn off his enhanced ears.

"Who is the girl, exactly?" Maire broke the heavy silence.

"A wolf in need," Jagger answered several moments later.

She nodded, looking a bit skeptical, her dark eyes flickering over toward the Healer's room. Jagger sat back, restless. He barely knew the girl but hearing her story about soulmates, who they completed each other, spoke to him. It was clear that she'd been hurt; physically and emotionally.

No one could explain a story of rejection unless they'd experienced it themselves and the pain rang clear in her voice. 

She'd been rejected by the person created to be her other half.

They sat there for hours, unaware of the time passing by until the morning sun began to peak over the horizon. His ears picked up movement and then the door to the Healers' room opened. Phoenix stepped out of the room, his shirt soaked through with blood. Jagger registered the smell for only a moment before he dismissed it, jumping to his feet.

"How is she?' He asked, his stomach clenched with nerves.

He let out a sigh, rubbing his tired eyes. "Alive. She's endured extreme torture in a short of amount of time. Some of her scars are only 6 months healed so we believe whoever held her captive wanted information."

"What kind of information?" Maire stepped forward, a curious look in her eyes.

"Wilhelm Gaundry. She bears the mark of his pack."

Everyone in the room let out a growl at the name and Jagger glanced around, befuddled.

"Who's William Gentry?"

"Wilhelm Gaundry," Maire corrected. "He's one of the most dangerous rogues in the world. They refer to him as the Rogue King."

Jagger nodded though the name was still unfamiliar to him.

"If she bears the mark of his pack then we have to interrogate her. She could have valuable information!" Becca jumped to her feet, a crazed look in her eyes at the thought of her interrogation process.

Sean cleared his throat, standing. "She could be a danger to this pack."

Phoenix all but snorted, running a hand down his face. "She almost died in there. She's hardly a threat to anyone, especially this pack. She's suffered enough and I'm giving her sanctuary until we can figure out who tortured her and what information she may have. For now, return to your regular duties."

With his dismissal, everyone left. Jagger remained in place, watching the Alpha intently.

"There's something you may want to know."

Phoenix eyed him for a moment and glanced around before turning on his heel and heading down the hall toward his office. Once inside, he locked the door and took a seat behind his desk, Jagger sitting across from him.

"What is it?"

Jagger cleared his throat, putting his feet up on the second chair. "She said she was from two packs."

The Alpha leaned back, crossing his arms. "We've established that she comes from Wilhelm's pack. The only pack in the Portland area is Crescent Blood. We know she's been tortured and their Alpha, Vincent, is known for his hatred of rogues. He must've of found her and assumed she held valuable information. Even Alphas need permission to enter another's territory and no one has reported a missing pack member."

Jagger, at a loss with all the pack jargon, simply nodded.

"This conversation doesn't leave this office until I know more. You can stay here for now but you know you'll have to leave eventually. You make the wolves uncomfortable."

"Well that's hurtful," Jagger pouted.

Phoenix shook his head. "Your usual room is ready. Though the blood bags you'll have to get yourself. Before you head out, what's the girl's  name?"

"Uh, Rowena Winter? Yeah, that's it." Jagger nodded to himself.

The Alpha nodded and glanced down at his paperwork. After several moments of awkward silence, he looked at Jagger. "You can go."

"Right! Well, I'll be back in a few hours to see how my new best friend is doing. Toodleloo!"

The vampire was gone in a flash, leaving a cold wind and a mess of papers behind.

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