Chapter 18: Your Friendly Neighbor

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Jagger had been running for about four solid hours and he was feeling the strain of it. The girl in arms had been drifting in and out of consciousness and each time, she looked more faded than before. He was worried and he knew the effects of wolfsbane could kill a wolf if large amounts was ingested.

He didn't want to go through the hassle of going to a motel with an unconscious girl; that would look far too suspicious. Instead, he opted to find a nearby house. He searched a solid ten minutes until he found a modest single story home where he could only see one person lived in.

He knocked on the door and waited a minute a so before it was opened, revealing a woman who looked to be in her late seventies. 

"I need to borrow your house for the night. Is that okay?" his voice had become clouded, thick with the persuasion all vampires had.

"Of course dear," the woman smiled and stepped aside, allowing him entrance.

Once he was inside, he secured the door and the woman went on to the kitchen to start some tea. Jagger set the girl on the couch and took note of her labored breathing. Her skin had paled even more and a purplish bruise colored the area beneath her eyes. Her lips were red and cracked.

All in all, she looked absolutely terrible and the sight worried him.

"Oh my. Is she okay?" the older woman looked at him and then back at the girl.

"She's a bit sick. What's your name?" he inquired, watching her.

"Mable, dear."

"Well, Mable, do you think you can keep my friend here some company and help her feel more comfortable? I'm afraid she's awfully sick," he told her sincerely and Mable nodded.

"Oh yes sweetheart. I've got this," she responded and went off to the kitchen to fetch a towelette. 

Jagger took that time to step out into a hall off the living room and grabbed his phone, clicking the number at the top of his call log.

It rang twice and when the line was connected, he interrupted the voice speaking.

"Phoenix, we have a problem."

"What happened?" Thaddeus asked immediately.

"Well, the girl I called about earlier, she's far worse. I've seen the effects of wolfsbane but this looks worse. She's really pale, red, cracked lips, purpling beneath the eyes, labored breathing. I think she's dying," Jagger explained.

He heard the Alpha curse beneath his breath "Sounds like they mixed wolfsbane with silver powder. Where are you?"

"Just outside of Portland."

"That's still over five hours away. She won't make it. Okay, get to the nearest airport and I'll email you the tickets. Before you head over there, I need you to feed her your blood."


The statement completely took him by surprise.

"I thought wolves didn't do well with vampire blood," Jagger said suspiciously, squinting his eyes automatically.

"We don't. Not in large amounts anyway. She is dying and vampire blood has regenerative properties. A wolf's system is different so it won't heal her completely but it'll heal her enough to have her awake and alert for a bit. Walking around with an unconscious girl will not look good," Phoenix explained.

Jagger nodded, "Fine. But if she dies or goes psycho cause her wolf body couldn't take it, I'm blaming you."

And then he hung up, walking out toward the living room. He found the girl with a wet towel across her forehead and blanket covering her shivering body. He walked toward her and lifted her upper body, sitting beneath her and laying her across his lap.

He observed her face for a minute before pulling back his sleeve and cutting his skin with his nail, opening her mouth and pressing his wrist against it. The blood was flowing slowly and he waited, watching some color slowly begin to return to her cheeks, the purple coloring disappearing.

After about a minute, he removed his wrist and watched the small cut heal over. He stood up and walked over to Mable who was sipping her tea.

"Do you have a car we can borrow?" he asked, his tone becoming with the persuasion.

"Yes, dear. In the garage right there," she smiled, pointing at the nearby door.

"Thank you Mable," he winked and opened the door.

It was a small but it would definitely work. He rushed back into the house and picked the girl up, walking to the car and setting her in the passenger seat.

"Please do come with us Mable. I wouldn't like to leave your car at the airport," he smiled and this time he didn't need to use his persuasion as Mable nodded eagerly.

"Just let me get my purse!"

She retreated down the hall to her bedroom as she gathered her things, Jagger grabbed a plastic bag and began rummaging through the cabinets, grabbing some water bottles and a few bags of chips and crackers. 

When Mable returned she had a large purse with her.

"The airport is a long drive. I've got a quilt and a pillow and extra quilt in the car," she explained with a laugh, walking toward the car, turning off the lights in the house.

Jagger snickered and followed behind her, slipping into the driver's seat as Mable place a quilt over the girl, handed Jagger the keys, and then settled in the backseat with a book.

He started the car and pressed a button to open the garage, going forward before closing it behind them. He set the destination on his phone and started driving.

Thirty minutes later he stopped a store and got out, letting the car run and locking the doors. He was inside for about ten minutes, collecting a bag and a few clothing items for the girl. He didn't know her size but he guessed as best as he could and when he was done, he placed a hundred dollar bill on the counter and left.

When he got back to the car and slipped in, he turned on the air conditioner, restarting the car.

"Where are we?"

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