why your mafia story sucks

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Mafias daddies and gang bad boys, just another turd being deep throated by wattpadders with no taste. I've kind of purposefully avoided this rant for a very long time but I know it'll piss off many, many authors and readers, so that gave me the motivation to work on it.

Mafia/gang books (primarily mafia though) are in the top genres of books on this site next to bad boy teen fics and werewolves/vampires. Mafia romance is so popular you can search "mafia aesthetic" on google and get pics of "mafia couples" in random mansions and posing with guns or dogs or whatever.

The only reason people love young, hot, possessive, dominant, mafia dons is because they're portrayed very differently from real mafia men. But even still these books portray them as supposedly cold, heartless men who are ruthless, what's so attractive about someone who literally tortures and murders people? Who treats others like shit? Who does pretty much any illegal activity possible?

Fun fact, did you know real mafias are involved in human trafficking? Yeah, that's one activity among many all of you forget. Cause in case you were unaware given the fact you don't research shit, a very big moneymaker for mafias is human trafficking and prostitution.

Tell me, would you find someone attractive if you knew they were fueling human trafficking and prostitution? Aka exploiting people and even children for sex and other favors. In fact, I've heard more than once that the Italian mafia is the one who got prostitution legalized in the state of Nevada. But before you say "yassss queenz make that coin, woman empowerment!!" and all that jazz, know that wherever prostitution is legal, human trafficking is way higher as it's easier to get away with.

So no, the mafia helping get it legalized did not do anything to benefit regular sex workers, they simply wanted to make it easier for themselves to exploit people. It also makes it easier for normal sex workers to wind up in trafficking situations.

But let's back up a bit, maybe you're not okay with human trafficking, but murdering bad guys who do bad things isn't as bad obviously, right? They have their "code and honor" to only murder bastards and not harm the innocent, right? Right?

Sourced from a Quora Digest post:

Maria Angela Ansalone (9 years old) was on a car that casually passed in front of a shop where a double homicide had just taken place in the context of a local mafia war. Both the girl and her grandfather Giuseppe Biccheri were killed by the shots.

Cocò Campolongo (3 years old) was killed, burned alive, by Faustino Campilongo and Cosimo Donato along with his grandfather and the girlfriend of the man. The grandfather was the head of a mafia family at war with the killers' family.

On November 23, 1993, Giovanni Brusca kidnapped Giuseppe Di Matteo (13 years old), the son of a member of the same mafia family who had been arrested and had started cooperating with the police. They held the kid for over two years in the attempt to force the father to stop talking to the police. On January 11, 1996 Giuseppe was strangled then his body was melted in a tub filled with nitric acid

Placido Rizzotto was a Socialist militant, a former partisan, and a trande unionist in Corleone. On March 10 1948 he was beaten to death for his activity in favor of the local peasants. A young shepherd of 12 years of age, Giuseppe Letizia, was accidentally present and the next day he was found, shocked and with a fever. He told the police and was sent to the hospital, where he was killed with a poison injection by Michele Navarra, the mafia chief who had ordered the homicide of Placido Rizzotto and the doctor at the local hospital.

In 2017 the students of a primary school in Palermo made a research listing of 108 children killed by the Mafia between the end of the XIX century and today.

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