The Worst, Most Harmful Book I've Ever Read - An extensive break-down

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Howdy folks. I decided I wanted to talk about something I've had in the drafts for literal years. It has taken a lot to work on and sort through, as well as simply find motivation to complete this. There's so much wrong with not only the book but the author it's overwhelming.

I'd like to thank celesteknght for all of her help, she's done a ton of work helping me and if it weren't for her... yeah I would have never gotten this done lol. I may have written the rant itself but a large portion of the credit goes to her.

before I say anything about the book we'll be hopping into, let me say a few disclaimers.

1. I am NOT attacking this author, I'm simply critiquing their book, and discussing things I find problematic about things they have posted on Wattpad themselves. I have no ill intent on this author nor wish any ill intent. Sure, what I'm doing could be seen as disrespectful or hateful, but I do not hate this author. I just think some of the things they do are questionable and that they come off uneducated. And their questionable, uneducated actions affect others.

Is it wrong for me to discuss something I find questionable? I'm expressing my opinions in my own space, there is no rule in the Code Of Conduct/Guidelines that says you cannot express your opinion as long as it's not blatant hate speech which I'm not doing or condoning. You can review any book or talk about whatever you want on Wattpad whether the author likes it or not and as long as you're not being hateful.

Anything put on the internet is up for discussion and will create opinions. If you don't want people expressing those opinions, then either don't publish it on the internet for strangers to judge or accept the fact you're gonna hear things about your work/you that you don't particularly like. Besides, this book is posted on other sites that the author makes money from, if you're making money off of something, people definitely have a right to review it.

 Besides, this book is posted on other sites that the author makes money from, if you're making money off of something, people definitely have a right to review it

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2. This book is supposedly based on true events as said in the screenshot of the author's note at the beginning of the book above. As you can see this book also deals with heavy topics which will get VERY graphic and we'll also be talking about the psychology of abuse and mental disorders so if you're not comfortable with that, feel free to skip to the last sections of this rant for the conclusions of everything or skip it completely.

Well, who am I to judge a story based on someone's life story? I'm a nobody. But, just because a book is based somewhat on real-life doesn't mean it gets a special pass from receiving criticism and that if anyone dares to criticize it then they're judging your life. Because it's still a fictional work, it's not an autobiography or a journal, it's a book with fictional characters, a fictional storyline, and fictional events mixed with some real events, but it's mostly fiction.

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