Authors aren't AI

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There's a good chance you've looked at comments on an author's book or message board, especially if it's a dead/abandoned account with a very popular book, and seen someone getting bitchy because their "favorite author" hasn't updated in a minute. Or maybe you've experienced these people yourself.

They demand authors just pump out chapters like giving a prompt to an AI to write a fucking story. They hold zero understanding and seemingly have nothing else going on for them.

Now, some of these people are trolls just trying to get a rile out of everyone, I talked about trolls in my last rant so I'm not going to go into those ones. But there are people who genuinely get upset at authors for not only not updating but other things too.

I've seen countless times readers get upset at authors for taking their book down for some reason, deciding to edit it, not writing a sequel, or for not wanting to continue a book. I once saw people literally insult an author and call her a bigot because she took her book down as she realized it didn't align with her new-found religion. Another time I saw people bully an author for not wanting to write a sequel to her book to the point she quit Wattpad, which then everyone begged for her to come back.

I don't think I should have to say authors are allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their creation, even if you don't like it. Because they may have lost you or others as readers, but they'll always gain more.

Yeah sure, many people get attached to books and they can mean a lot. And yes it can be saddening when you're waiting and waiting for updates that aren't coming. But it truly amazes me how people think they're entitled to an author's creation/imagination and treat them like caged circus show freaks forced to perform because they have no other hobbies to entertain themselves with.

If you want a storyline so badly, be an independent bitch and write it yourself instead of getting mad at a stranger online that you rely on who can't satisfy your needy demands anymore, hmm?

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