No, you will not be the next Anna Todd

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Another round of 1,000+ words of me shit talking? Hell yeah it is.

I'm feelin' a tad risky tonight, let's hope an ambassador doesn't come along and terminate my account. 

Guidelines and code of conduct say nothing about talking in regards to Wattpad itself so I'm technically not in violation. But, people wrongfully get their accounts deleted all the time *cough* Jane Conquest *cough*

This is something I've wanted to rant about ever since the whole Anna Todd After movie shitshow blew up. And that is Wattpad's programs and events such as Stars, Studios, and Wattcon.

If you don't know what Stars or Studios is, they're Wattpad's programs that basically just try to promise regular users like me and you fame. They can be summed up as "We'll make you famous! We'll bring your shitty book millions of reads and fans, we'll get you in book stores and on the big screens. Yeah, you, you basic, untalented user right there?  WE WILL PRODUCE YOU."

"You are on your own journey as a writer.

There are markers of where you've been—your first 100 reads, your first finished story. The day you ditch your writer's block. Becoming a Wattpad Star marks another important milestone on that journey. It recognizes your lasting impact among Wattpad's best and brightest, and your potential as a lifelong storyteller.

When you become a Wattpad Star, you'll discover unique opportunities to harness your own potential as a writer, with tips & resources designed to help you maximize and amplify your successes. You'll also join a community of fellow Stars—a place to collaborate and commiserate with writers who are on their own journey.

Wattpad Stars. Where writers thrive." Says the description for Wattpad Stars program.

"Here at Wattpad, we know our creators have big dreams—and we love to help make them come true. Whether your dream is to get published, see your story on the big screen, or write something that gets adapted into new and exciting forms, Wattpad can help take your stories to the next level through a variety of opportunities and partnerships.

Right now, in the entertainment industry, the same stories are told and the same voices are heard over and over again. We're here to change that." Says the description for Studios.

First of all, no, writer's block NEVER stops, no matter how far you are into your journey as a writer or whatever, you will always have writer's block when writing. Even Stephen King still gets writer's block. Wattcon offers opportunities to "better yourself as a writer and learn from industry experts", ya'll should know writer's block just doesn't leave when you get famous.

Second of all, they say right now in the entertainment industry the same stories and voices are being told so they're here to change that? Sure mate, because After and Kissing Booth totally are the most original films out there, totally aren't stories that have been told before.

Third of all, any platform that promises fame is 1000% bullshit. Me writing this and you reading it? We're nobodies, we don't mean shit to Wattpad, our books aren't going to become the next After or Chasing Red. 

Tons of new writers have their hopes to the heavens that they will actually be accepted into these programs and become famous when in reality they won't. And even if they become famous, it ain't gonna be overnight like they think. It's just feeding off of people's hopes and Wattpad wants to act like this talent agency for novice writers who write on their phones. 

If you notice, all of the books that have been made into shows or movies from Wattpad or writers who are considered "Stars" aka users that are above everyone else, they were already famous with millions of reads before they got into these programs, they weren't nobodies like you and me. That should tell you, an average user, your chances of getting on to the big screens and snapping pics with the actors for your characters to post on your Instagram story.

Now, yes you could be accepted into one of these programs or win a Watty but realistically, the odds of it are lower than Wattpad's quality standards.

But enough about Waccpad (I just said Waccpad because this platform is the wackest shit I have to deal with from the platform itself to the users I cross) wanting to crush peoples' hopes, now on to Wattcon. 

Who the fuck asked for Wattcon? Did I miss something? I don't go on the forums all that often and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall people begging for Wattpad to have it's own convention. I want to know who all begged Nick at HQ to start Wattcon, I just wanna chat.

I was curious as to how much tickets to Wattcon cost or if they costed anything at all, Wattcon tickets were on sale for $110 US dollars for "two full days of tailored programming geared towards helping you transform as a writer" they say.

Ah yes, spending $110 bucks plus travel expenses really is just a tiny, tiny portion out of my bank account for information I could learn for FREE online. I'm sorry but why is the price to go to fucking WATTCON the same price as the average concert ticket? Wattcon in 2016 used to be free to attend. 

Call me a cheap bitch or whatever but as I've said time and time again, most of Wattpad users are teens. Teens who can't afford a $110 two day ticket and by the time you add up travel expenses, hotels, and whatever else, it's quite pricy to attend Wattcon. From my knowledge, they do not offer food or drinks at the events so food is yet another expense you have to consider.

 And unlike Wattcon, concerts come to your city so travel expenses most likely aren't all that much, Wattcon seems to be only in New York so unless you live in NY or close, your bank account is fucked all for Wattcon sweety. And if you live in another country? Bitch forget it.

Before anyone says it, I'm very aware Wattpad needs to make money but, Wattpad isn't a small hole in the wall company anymore. 

They're a multi-million dollar company, Tumblr sold for $3 million and is valued roughly at $20 mil meanwhile Wattpad is valued at $400 million. I'm sure they could lower prices just a little.

Like I said, call me a cheap bitch, I'm probably I am one if I'm bitching about $110 dollars. I'm sure there's plenty of people who think going to Wattcon is worth hundreds of dollars. Personally $110 bucks is a portion of my rent but whatever.

It's not the most expensive event out there, but in my cheap bitch opinion, that much money charged by a platform that's 90% free and caters to younger audiences just seems meh to me, especially given the fact the event used to be free and they don't even offer food.

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