Author's Notes

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Just about half of the books on wattpad start with some sort of author's note at the beginning. I do it myself. Or, authors add a little note at the end of the first chapter. Which I don't have an issue with.

But some of you, some of you like to check in with readers after every chapter and holy shit can you stop?

We get it, you wanna know if people like your book and whatnot, but adding an author's note at the end of every single chapter isn't necessary. Neither is posting entire story parts of random ass announcements in the middle of your book and then apologizing to everyone who thought it was a chapter update.

I have seen so many authors spam announcements right in the center of their novels and it's annoying. I don't care how unpopular this opinion is. 

Stop breaking your story's flow to tell the readers stuff they probably hardly even care about, that's what your message board is for.

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