Alpha Daddy's Virgin

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Why is every girl a virgin in books? Why is the fact she's never done the nasty just this such "important" character detail that I did not nor did anyone else ask for?

If the MC isn't a virgin then is she automatically a slut who everyone will dog on for sleeping with some random bloke before she meets her future abusive, possessive, and jealous boyfriend?

No one in real life gives a shit if you're a virgin.

Unless you are religious, (which I'm sure with what people write on this platform, most aren't the holiest) virginity is nothing but a social construct.

You don't have to be a virgin to be just as sexually inexperienced as one. But, why can't the MC be experienced? Again, does the MC having sexual experience mean that they just HAVE to be perceived as a slut by everyone?

Because I can assure you, sex with someone who's experienced is much better than with someone inexperienced.

Besides, don't they say guys go for virgins so they can't be exposed for how terrible they really are in bed?

I mean just damn, no wonder these bad boys, Alpha Xaviers, and billionaire daddies let other hoes flirt with them, their sex life sucks just like how they suck.

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