Chapter one, part 1

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Have you ever just, went to the library, checked out a novel, opened the book, and flipped through until you were at part 1 of chapter 1? 

What's that?.... What did you say? You said no? Heh well, I'd love to break it to you, no real books have chapter parts within chapters.

When an author does something along the lines of, "Chapter 12 part 2" I cringe so hard I want to rub Icy Hot on my face to take away the soreness. How can a chapter have its own subparts? What sense does that make? A chapter within a chapter?

I've searched and searched on the internet in the name of finding out if this was a thing writer's outside of Wattpad did, and it's not. I found zero blogs or articles discussing this annoying senseless thing. Well, according to the grown man who once cussed me out and called me a slew of names in the comments because I was apparently wrong, as it's a thing in Japanese light novels specifically and not the traditional westernized novels he himself acknowledged that I'm talking about here.

But anyway.

i dO iT tO bReAk mY cHaPtErs uP!! Now yes, sometimes chapters are a bit long for Wattpad, as someone who can write a 4700-5000 word chapter, I know this very well and I have been told I should do parts myself. But, you can still divide a chapter without turning it into chapter 12 part 4. You can literally just call it chapter 16 and I find there's no way to argue that you can't title the chapter whatever number it is plus how many sections it needs would be.

But what do I know? Like that guy told me, I'm just a smartass, close-minded hag.

Not only that but to me as a reader, seeing that chapter 12 is so long it needs 2 or 3 entire parts, would make the story feel much longer, versus if I had already progressed to chapter 16. 

For the love of God just call it chapter 16 instead of chapter 12 part 4 please... 

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