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*You roll the dice and it lands on And off number*
Bucky- it's my lucky day, Doll..
*You get butterflies when he calls you that... he saves it for special occasions so it "doesn't lose it effect"*
Y/N- Well let's just see who you'll be...
*You roll your dice and it lands on just plain old you*
Y/N- Well that's no fun..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- Don't worry you'll get to roll again... *Bucky rolls his and looks up at you.. he smirks and then pulls you close.. he moves you out of the shower.. drys you off and hands you your robe... he then growls in your ear*
Bucky- run..
*Butterflies fill your stomach and something else takes over you... you back up and run out the door.. Bucky smirks and then follows after.... He rolled White Wolf.. you've never really played like this before.. it's all new.. and your excited.. he catches you before you can exit the room*
Bucky- I told you to run... guess you weren't fast enough..
*He bites your neck and you moan.. he starts to man-handle you... like Winter and with the same authority but more wild, more teeth, more passion.. he takes you from behind and pushes you against your bedroom door.. he rips open the back of your robe and he sees the look in your eyes.. he's gonna pay for the later.. figuratively and Literally*
Bucky(White Wolf)- so good.. Mmhmm
*He kisses your neck and breaths against it.. he doesn't talk as much as he normally does.. it's all heavy breathing, teeth, and moans filled with pleasure.. he uses you and then lets you go.. he slides his dick between your legs and thrusts in and out.. his tip teases your clit as he sucks on your neck.. you whimper and he finally speaks but it a low guttural growl and it sends heat between your legs.*
Bucky(White Wolf)- do I make you weak?
*You nod as he presses you up against the door.. he rips your robe off your shoulders and bites your bare shoulder*
Bucky(White Wolf)- absolutely delicious..
*He turns you around and your back slams against the door.. he kisses you and it's rough. He grabs the back of your neck and makes you look at him*
Bucky(White Wolf)- tell me what you want..
*You grind against him*
Y/N- You *you whine and Bucky smiles*
What should I call you? *You look at him innocently*
Bucky(White Wolf)- I would say Alpha but that's a little too on the nose... *He looks over your body.. he looks a wolf ready to feast* Sir will do... or Master when you're really feeling it... how does that sound, pup..
*This was all so new but It was weirdly working... you nod and he looks at you*
Y/N- yes sir..
Bucky(white wolf)- good pup... *He slaps your ass* get on the bed.. I need to remind you whose you are..
*You lay on your back on the bed.. you instinctively bend one leg while keeping the other straight and you let your legs slowly fall apart as Bucky stalks over you*
Y/N- Sir please?! *You whine*
*Bucky smirks*
Bucky- Be good pup... or else..
*He lowers himself down and starts to tease your clit with his tongue.. and then he just goes apeshit.. you are whining and moaning*
Y/N- Ss-so good sir!! Mmhmm
*He quickly crashes his lips to yours and kisses you.. it's all teeth and escaped breaths.. he pushes inside you as he growls in your ear and he speaks as he does*
Bucky(White Wolf)- so perfect.. and all mine.. *He bites you and tears sting your eyes* if you weren't already carrying my child I'd have to fix that.. *He slams into you harder and you scream as you cum*
Y/N- I'm sorry sir, I didn't ask..
*Bucky leans down, his voice is low.. his real hand teases your neck as you chase his lips for a kiss.. he never meets them, he just speaks and breaths against them*
Bucky(White Wolf)- you never have to ask with me Little one... I just want to know I've made you feel good.. *He grabs your neck a little and pretends to bite your nose.. he then kisses you and pulls out. You snuggle in his arms and he rubs your back*

*You sit up and look at Bucky.. he smiles and so do you*
Y/N- Well that was fun and new!
Bucky- Ha! Yeah... how did you like it? Anything too much? Do you want more?
Y/N- Let me think about it and I'll get back to you.. *Bucky's face kinda falls and you take it in his hands* hey, what you did was great and I loved it.. there was nothing that was too much.. okay. *Bucky nods* I only said I needed to think about it because I'm still on cloud nine.. *Bucky laughs and kisses you*
Bucky- Okay.. another round?? Or maybe a speed round?
Y/N- Oh I like the idea of a speed round! How would it work?!
Bucky- we start with Winter and Odette and work through all of them.. then end with us..
*You smile but you don't answer... you just tackle him and trap him beneath you*
Y/N(Odette)- sounds like a plan Sergeant..
*Bucky smiles and reaches up to grab your neck.. you dodge and slap his arm away.. he sits up and grabs you by the back of the next and pulls you against his chest*
Bucky(Winter)- you wanna try that again?!
*You chuckle and try to lean in to kiss him.. but his hand on the back of your neck keeps you where you are.. you bite the air and try to make contact*
Bucky(Winter)- So. Fucking. Needy
*You grab his hard dick*
Y/N(Odette)- So. Fucking. Horny
*You smile and Bucky slams you in your back in the bed*
Bucky- Shut your mouth...
Y/N(Odette)- you usually tell me to open it..
*You smirk and Bucky gets and idea*
Bucky(Winter)- you know what... you're right!
*Bucky sits you up and then stands up on the bed.. he grabs your jaw* open up...
*You let your mouth fall open and you look up at him through your lashes.. he slams inside your mouth and you squeeze his ass.. you feel him twitch in your mouth and he pulls out before he blows*
Bucky(Winter)- open you mouth..
*You do and Bucky strokes himself till he cums on your tongue.. you smile and take all he gives you... Bucky then grabs you up by your hair till you are standing on the bed with him.*
Bucky- We toss a coin.. whoever wins gets to choose who we are next.. *You nod*
Y/N (Odette)- yes Sergeant.. *You bite your lip*

*Bucky flips a coin, you call it, he wins*
Bucky- I'm staying Winter.. you're gonna be yourself.. *you smile*
Y/N- Yes Sergeant.. you want me on my knees or against the wall.. *You tease your breast and down your body*
*Bucky looks at you*
Bucky(winter)- I want you to shut your mouth and grab the wall... you're gonna cum on Sergeant's fist... *Your eyes go wide*
Y/N- Sergeant I should remind you I'm pregnant...
*Bucky chuckles*
Bucky(Winter)- oh I know... I also know I'll get 4 fingers inside you and you'll cum at just the feeling.. you're always so needy and ready for your sergeant... aren't you??
*You whimper because you know it's true*
Y/N- Yes sergeant... please..
Bucky(Winter)- get on the wall..
*He gets behind you and slips a finger in.. and then another.. and then another.. each time you moan even louder and starts grinding against him even more.*
Y/N- Please please Sergeant?!?
*Bucky smirks and slides the 4th one in and you do exactly what he said you would.. you cum and scream*
Y/N- yes!!! Right there!! Mmhmm fuck!!!
*Bucky smiles and works you through your high.. as you cum down he kisses your head and praises you*
Bucky(Winter)- so good y/n.. my good princess.. always good for Sergeant..
*Uou turn around and wrap your arms around Bucky.. you smile and reach for the coin.. he calls it and you win*
Y/N- I'm gonna be Odette and you're gonna be White Wolf..
Bucky- who's in charge? *Bucky smirks*
*You slowly bend over against the wall and shove out your ass. You wiggle it while you answer*
Y/N(Odette)- why you of course... I really need someone to grab my neck, growl in my ear, and bite me.. You bite your lip and moan*
Bucky(White Wolf)- It sounds like Sergeant didn't satisfy this sweet pussy of yours.. *Bucky slips a hand between your legs and dips a finger inside you*
Y/N(Odette)- he satisfy me plenty.. but sometimes you just need someone who will treat you like an animal..
*Bucky grabs your neck and spanks your ass*
Bucky(White Wolf)- you wanna be an animal little one then I'll treat you like one.. hands on the wall pup.. *You do as he says and you spread your legs.. he slams in you and leans down against your back... he licks, bites, and sucks on the exposed skin.. it feels so good you can't help but moan.. just a slew of Moans escape your mouth*
Y/N(Odette)- oh yes! Mmhmm ssshhhit! Yesyesyesyes!!!
*Bucky then growls in your ear as he speaks the worlds that absolutely ends you*
Bucky(White Wolf)- you think you could take Sergeant's cock at the same time.. both of us just fucking you, in and out.. oh I bet you could... *He growls even more as he says* you're such a good girl.. my little pup..
*You cum and scream.. the noise you make is, in your opinion, so not sexy but Bucky loses it and explodes inside you... as you both come down you crawl over to the chair... you lay down on your side and hold your belly*

*Bucky walks over and you don't even look, you hold up you hand and your about to safe- word out when Bucky kisses your hand and heads to the bathroom.. you hear him start the bath and turn on some 40's music, you smile.. you two are on the same page, though about 30% of the time you aren't even in the same book, you laugh at the thought, but when it comes to sex... you've memorized the book so it's easy to follow along. He picks you up and takes you in the bathroom, he sits you in the tub and climbs in behind you.. he washes your body and your hair.. he massages every area he bit.. he heals before his eyes.. he loves knowing he can mark you without ever leaving a mark.. he'd never be able to live with himself if he had to see a bite mark almost a week later.. it comes and goes just like the roughness you have in your sex life.. Bucky turns you around in his arms and you straddle him.. not in a sexual way, in a "this is really the only comfortable way to sit in a tub" way.. you wrap your arms around his body and slump down as you rest your head on his chest.. you doze off as Bucky rubs you back and listens to the music*
Bucky- if 40's me could see me now...first, he wouldn't believe that he lives this long.... But man *He looks down at you* he'd never believe it when he see you.. the best thing to ever happen to me.. *He kisses your head and starts to hum along to the music*

*He wakes you up with kisses*
Bucky- Come on Baby.. let's get you in bed..
*You hum as he lifts you up.. then you shiver from the cold.. he chuckles and drys you off*
Bucky- Don't worry...I cleaned up the bed and I turned on the heated blanket before we got in the bath.. it's all nice and warm for you.. you won't freeze and I'll sweat to death.. *You chuckle and look at him through your sleepy eyes*
Y/N- Thank you Bucky..
*He kisses you and then carry's you to the bed, tucks you in, checks on Grant, and then climbs in behind you.. he holds you and nuzzles his face in your neck... this was the first night in weeks that you haven't had a nightmare*

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