Better In Every Way

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Bucky- so where do y'all want to go to lunch??
*You and Steve look at each other*
Bucky- No! We are not going there because you can't have margaritas and you'll get pissy and pouty
*You pout, Nat laughs, and Steve nods*
Y/N- fine... I'm not even hungry anymore..
*Bucky shakes his head*
Bucky- No no no... we're not doing that..
*You cross your arms and face away from him*
Bucky- Really?! Oh- wow... real mature for a mother!
*You wave your hand at him*
Steve- Buck..*Bucky looks up and he hands him a candy bar* had an extra one for Nat..
*Bucky laughs and reaches back for it.. he tosses it in your lap*
Bucky- eat that and stop pouting
*You roll you eyes and put the candy bar on the center console... Steve starts to take it back when Bucky stops him... he motions for Steve to wait and watch... you slowly and begrudgingly reach back over and take the bar and eat it.. Steve chuckles and Bucky smiles*
Bucky- better??
*You turn back around*
Y/N- Yes... sorry.
Bucky- Okay... we're else should we eat??
Y/N- There's that bbq place..
Bucky- sounds good to me.. Steve? Nat?
Steve- Good to us..
Bucky- awesome!

*Yall get in and get seated.. your food shows up and Grant devours his Mac and cheese.. it's everywhere and he wants more. You laugh as Grant keeps touching Bucky and Steve's arms with his cheesy hands and They keeps moving away.*
Bucky- I'm never sitting by him again..
Steve- Same..
*You and Nat laugh*
Y/N- give him some more Mac and cheese
Bucky- No! He's gonna get it all over my jacket..
*You shake your head and shove him out of the way*
Y/N- Little baby.. *You sit next to Grant and wipe off his hands*
Bucky- you had wipes?!?
Steve- She had wipes?!
Y/N- yeah.. I have a baby.. I never leave the house without wipes *You smile and the feed Grant so he doesn't get his hands dirty again.. he smiles and laughs as he looks at Steve and Bucky.. Bucky steals the wipes from you and scrubs his arm.. he offers one to Steve*
Steve- Nah.. I know he won't keep his hand to himself so there's no reason to clean when it's gonna get dirty again.. *You laugh and Grant reaches for Steve... he just lets it happen*
Steve- so on a random side note.. that wand thing is huge..
*You and Bucky laugh*
Nat- ehh didn't seem too bad.
*Steve looks at Nat*
Steve- Umm what?!?
Nat- oh come on... you're bigger than that wand..
*Steve blushes... Bucky looks at you and he nudged your arm.. you snap out of your thoughts*
Bucky- Wait.. were you-
Y/N- No! Never.. no *you blush*
*Nat laughs and Steve smirks.. Bucky scoffs*
Nat- See y/n agrees!
Y/N- No! I never said that- Bucky I didn't say that..
*Bucky stares you down*
Bucky- Alright... tell me this... *He motions between himself and Steve* Who's bigger??
*You shake your head*
Y/N- I'm not answering th-
Nat- You're both the same size..
Y/N- Nat! *You snap*
Nat- Steve's got a little more length Bucky's got more-
Y/N- Natasha! *You hide your face and Nat smiles*
Nat- What? Was it something I said??
*You hit her arm and she laughs.. Steve and Bucky high-five*

*y'all head back home and Steve scrubs his arm as Grant sleeps*
Nat- y/n.. Bucky.. thanks for letting us tag along today.. it meant a lot.
Y/N- you're welcome Nat! Hey maybe Saturday we can go shopping..
Nat- I'd love that!

*Y'all get home and you scold Steve a little for letting Grant fall asleep*
Steve- Sorry, he just looked so peaceful!
*You laugh and kiss Steve's cheek*
Y/N- it's fine..
*You put Grant down and crash on the bed.. Bucky joins you*
Bucky- I'm so tired..
*You sit up and look at him*
Y/N- You're tired?!?
Bucky- Yes! I love you but you don't get a monopoly on being tired just because you're pregnant..
*You chuckle and shove Bucky a little.. she shoves you back.. you laugh roll him over.. he try's to pin you on the bed but you crawl on top of him.. he laughs and you smile.. he fights you a little and you put his hands above his head.. he wiggles his hips trying to get you to fall off.. you shove your legs between his and push his legs apart with your knees. He laughs and kisses you*
Y/N- say it!
Bucky- Fine! You're more tired! *You laugh and Bucky smiles... you kiss him and Bucky hums* I'll say anything you want me to if you just keep doing what you're doing..
*You smile and Grind against Bucky*
Y/N- like this? *You smirk and Bucky hums*
You like this? *Bucky nods and places his hands on your hips* you want me to go harder?? *You do and Bucky moans*
Bucky- fuck baby... Mmhmm guess you're not tired now *Bucky winks and you nod*
Y/N- not at all... *you kiss him* in fact seeing you being all "Dad mode" and "supportive dad friend" today made me so fucking horny..
*Bucky smirks*
Bucky- oh yeah??
Y/N- yeah! Just tossing around your knowledge and being all "Daddy" *You kiss him* made want Daddy to come out and play..
*Bucky smiles and sits up.. he takes you in his arms and swings you around on your back and traps you beneath him*
Bucky- gladly Baby girl..
*Winnie starts kicking like crazy*
Y/N- oh hold on... gotta pee
*You go and come back.. Bucky's laying down*
Y/N- okay.. let's go..
*You climb on the bed and lay down. Bucky towers over you and as he starts to move down and Winnie starts kicking again.. even Bucky feels it*
Y/N- oh come on... Winnie?!?
Bucky- wanna sit up?
Y/N- yeah we can try that..
*You sit up and Bucky slips his hand between your legs.. you moan and Bucky starts to speed up.. you get so close when Winnie starts flipping around and kicks your ribs*
Y/N- shit! Oh stop..
*Bucky stops and sighs.. he leans down to your belly*
Bucky- you've got to stop.. you're brother tired this very thing and it didn't work..
*You laugh and Winnie kicks even more*
Y/N- ow ow *You laugh* okay that's not happening...
*Bucky chuckles and lays next to you... he looks at you breast.. he leans down and kisses them and you give him a weird look*
Bucky- one day we will meet again...
*You laugh and shove him away... you get up and grab your computer*
Bucky- No.. don't- *Bucky sighs*
Y/N- you know I have to distract my mind with shopping for Winnie or else I'm gonna get crabby that I'm not getting laid..
Bucky- I know, I know.. but we're gettin' tight here.. *He teases*
*You look at Bucky*
Y/N- Wait... really?!?
Bucky- No.. but we will if you keep buying stuff..
*You kiss him and keep clicking on things.. Bucky lays on your lap and adds in his two cents... after about an hour Bucky looks at you*
Bucky- are we really the same size?? *You look down at him and smile.. you kiss him and you whisper*
Y/N- you're way better baby.. *You wink* in every way.. and I mean.. Every! Way! *You kiss him.. and he smiles. He closes the computer and settles between your legs.. he grinds against you and you chuckle*
Bucky- Every way?? *He teases*
Y/N- Every. Damn. Way.. now hurry up and take you pants off before Grant wakes up and Winnie starts her tap recital..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- yes ma'am

*Nat lays in Steve's arms.. they had just had a quickie and Nat was getting sleepy*
Steve- Before you pass out I need to know.. are we really the same size??
*Nat smiles and sits up.. she straddles Steve and grinds against him*
Nat- you're so much better baby..
Steve- yeah?? *Steve smiles*
Nat- oh yeah... just thinking about it makes me ready for another round..
Steve- Oh.. *He smirks and kisses Nat* what are we waiting for..
*Nat giggles and Steve flips her over*

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