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I wanted to create a chapter to explain what's gonna be happening in the next few weeks and some dates to remember! 🥰🥰

I have about 5 chapters left in this story and then it will be done. I will post the last chapter on January 5th. I will then take a week and a half off to finish up the 2 prequel's to this story! I will post the prequel's in their entirety when I start posting again on January 15th! Some things you will have read before and then there will be new parts too! The sequel will Start the following week on January 22nd!

The two Prequel's are-
Our time in Hydra and it will have all the Hydra flashbacks in chronological order and I will be filling in the gaps with new parts to the story!

Our relationship with Steve and it will take place during the snap and the five years everyone was gone. It will have the flashbacks from that time as well as new parts to fill in the story.

The Sequel will focus more on Grant and Winnie as they grow up and start to become their own superheroes. It will still be a Y/N and Bucky story though! 🥰🥰 This story will be updated daily!

So again,
January 5th- Winter's Widow ends
January 15th- Prequel's will be published (Names to Come!☺️😉)
January 22nd- Sequel will start! (Name to come! 😉☺️)

I will post a short chapter tonight so keep an eye out! ❤️❤️ I am so grateful for all of you! I never thought anyone would want to read my work let alone re-read it, but so many of you reach out and tell me how much you love it and you let me know when you start your re-reads and it means so much to me! I pray you all have a good New Year and my you be blessed. If you are celebrating tonight be safe and have fun!

‼️I am still working on my Publishable version of this book and I should have the first few chapters ready soon to give y'all a little taste.‼️❤️

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