Officially The Old Parents

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‼️LOL this photo fit the majority of the story, that's why I chose it! 😅😏🥵😉🤤‼️

*Bucky walks up behind you and pulls you down to the bottom of the bed, he flips you over and you gasp. He sits you up and rips your shirt off.. he leans down and kisses your breast, you moan and reach for his head.. he raise your hands above your head and kisses you*
Bucky- you ready Bunny??
*You whimper and nod*
*Bucky ties your hands together and then to the bed frame. He gets off the bed and grabs his knife. He spins it around in his hand and then climbs on the bed. He straddles your hips and twirls the kinked a little more. You are aching now, why this was turning you on you have no idea but dear god when he presses the cool metal against your skin and slips it under your bra you feel like you could cum. He rips through the fabric and tread it off your body.*
Y/N- Mmhmm shit!
Bucky- you like that Bunny??
*You nod and Bucky moves the knife down your body. The metal sending shivers up your spine and you wiggle beneath him. He smirks and continues to tease you.. he then flings the knife across the room and it lands in the wall.. You gasp and smile up at him.. he grabs the waistband of his pants and rip them down.. he pulls them off your body and flings them across the room. You are laying down, spread out below Bucky, he looks at you like he's about to devours you. He licks his lips and smirks.*
Bucky- Damn Bunny... to quote myself...  I really hope Grant and Winnie are asleep because I'd hate for them to hear what I'm about to do to their mom..
*You giggle and reach up to kiss Bucky and he moves back and laughs*
Bucky- No way Bunny... you aren't getting any tender loving tonight... not till I've thoroughly punished you...
*Without warning Bucky grabs your hips and flips you over on your stomach.. you smile and gasp.. he kneels behind you and slaps your ass.. you whimper and wiggle around*
Bucky- I thought you were gonna be good?!
Y/N- Mmhmm yes Daddy!
Bucky- good Bunny... now let's get you up on your knees..
*Bucky moves you to your knees and starts to massage your ass... you smile because it feels so good. He squeezes your ass and then leans down against your back*
Bucky- your gonna count Bunny.. if you lose track, I start over. Understand??
Y/N- yes Daddy..
*Bucky smirks*
Bucky- I'm gonna give you 10... what's the safe word??
Y/N- Build a Bear...
Bucky- good girl.. my good Bunny..
*He massages your ass again and then lands a blow on your ass.. it jolts you forward and you whimper*
Y/N- o-one!
Y/N- ttwo!!
*Slap slap*
Y/N- three, four!!
*Bucky spanks you one after another.. your chest is heaving and you are dripping. Your ass is on fire and you have a thin layer of sweat all over your body.. you still have 3 more spankings*
Y/N- eight
*Bucky rubs your ass and slips his hand between your legs. He lands a blow against your center and you almost cum. You moan*
*Bucky chuckles and give your ass one last slap and he doesn't hold back.. it is nowhere near his full strength but it was enough*
Y/N- TEN!!!! Oh Fuck!! Mmhmm Daddy?!?
*Bucky smiles and leans down.. he kisses the welts on your ass and bites you.. tears sting your eyes and you whimper.. Bucky sits up and examine his work*
Bucky- fuck baby... your ass looks so good! All red for Daddy and marked too..

*You whimper and push back against him.. he teases you and slips his hand between your legs. He rubs it all along your center and slips a finger inside you.. but just as quickly as he gave in his hand is gone.. you feel him climb off the bed, you turn to see where he went but you can't see and you can't turn to see him... your heart starts to race a little until you feel something on your butt.. Bucky pulls you to lay flat and he rubs and massages your swollen, red ass. He stops for a moment and takes off his shirt.. he had taken his pants off when he grabbed the oil.. he knees above you, you start to hear his breath quicken, you turn around and see him stroking himself above you... you whimper and pull against your ties.. it now use, he used the Vibranium ones. He smirks as he continues to stroke himself.. he then leans down and lifts your hips a little and you feel him press against your ass. He then starts to move and you realize what's happening. Bucky poured lube on your ass so he can use your ass cheek and fuck you that way.. and god it's working.. he slowly fucks into you and he slides between them... you moan and help by thrusting back.. he massages your back and your cheeks.. he starts to speed up and you help him out a little by squeezing your ass.. he lets out a breathy laugh and he moans and grunts as he cums on your back.. you smile and turn back to look at him*
Y/N- Mmhmm so good Daddy! Just use me...
Bucky- I plan to... *He slaps your ass again and then flips you back around.. you smile and spread your legs.. Bucky looks down at you*
Bucky- okay Bunny... be good while Daddy abs his dessert.. and don't you move.
*Bucky dives between your legs and starts to eat you out.. he slowly slips his tongue in and out of you while circling your clit and teasing your ass.. your skin is on fire and you need to cum.*
Y/N- please Daddy?!
Bucky- No... *He sucks on your clit and teases your breast* now be good, Bunny..
*You whimper and Bucky slips his fingers inside you.. you arch off the bed and Bucky's hands snake up your body and grab your breast.. he teases your nipples and continues to suck your soul from your body*
Y/N- oh Daddy?! Yesyesyes!!
Bucky- No Bunny, I know you're a dirty little sore but you're not cumming till Daddy says.
*Your degrading and praise kink are out in full force and it is not helping your situation*
Y/N- I am Daddy!! I just need you!! Please?!?
Bucky- are you gonna be good?? *He says between little nibble on your clit*
Y/N- yes Daddy!! I swear! I'll be so so good!!
*Bucky chuckles and continues to eat you out with no release. He brings you right to the edge and then he backs away. You are a puddle in Bucky hands.. you whine and a tear slips down your face.. Bucky looks up.. you can tell he's checking to make sure it's not too much. He kisses up your body, covering your in your own wetness. He takes your breast in his mouth.. you moan and push your chest closer to his face and he smiles, his face still glistening from the moisture between your legs.*
Y/N- Please Daddy???
Bucky- Nope.. you said you suffered through... so now I'm gonna show you what real suffering is..
*You pull against your ties and cry*

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