My Girls

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*Day by day you get better and everyday Bucky does little things that remind you of why you love him and how he is always there for you. When you are sitting nursing Winnie he will go out of his way to make sure you don't miss anything and that you feel included. He'll sit next to you and turn on a show or just talk with you. He will fill up your water and get you a snack. He will have Nat sit with you if he can't get away from what he's doing. During Grant's nap time he will take Winnie and cuddle with her while you just take a moment alone. Bucky will Bottle feed her once during the day and twice at night so you can get rest and pump. He will take her on walks inside the compound and talk to her and when Grant is up he follows them.. he takes his toy Walker and he will walk behind them.. soon he's gonna be walking without it and that's another milestone you are not ready for.*
Y/N- hey Little Wolf.. you gonna walk soon?? *He smiles and squeals.. you hold and kiss him* you're getting so big!
*He claps and climbs down he grabs his Walker and takes off.. you laugh and wipe a tear.. Bucky sits next to you without Winnie*
Y/N- where's Winnie?!
Bucky- Steve is taking care of her for the moment..
*You are instantly calm.. the only other people you trust to watch Winnie right now is Steve and Nat. Everyone else is beyond capable and super helpful but for some reason you just worry if anyone else has her. You know it's a little irrational and you hope it will go away soon*
Y/N- okay
*Bucky wraps his arm around you and kisses your head.. Grant comes walking in followed by Steve and Winnie*
Steve- she had a blowout..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- I'll take care of it.. you're gonna have plenty of these soon!
*Bucky changes Winnie and brings her back.. he sees your "I want my baby back" look in your eyes so he just hands her to you.. you smile and kiss him*
Y/N- thanks you baby..
*All these sweet and wonderful things that he keeps doing are really working for you.. like turning you on, working for you and you are definitely keeping a tally for when your 6 weeks are up.. what the doctor said was right, you were healed by the end of your second week but your body will gladly take the extraction rest with how hard you and Bucky like to go sometimes... You are just swooning over Bucky and he takes notice*
Bucky- what are you looking at?? *He teases and kisses your cheek..
Y/N- my incredible Husband... *You smirk and kiss his neck then work your way up to his ear.. you gently nibble on it and then whisper* keeping a tally of all the wonderful things your doing *You wink and sit back straight*
Bucky- well I like the sound of that.. 
Y/N- I thought you would... *Bucky chuckles and holds you close*

*Another 2 weeks go by and Winnie is a month old. It is also almost Halloween*
Bucky- you found Grant's costume yet??
Y/N- I can't find the right wolf costume.. *You sit in bed and scroll on your computer.. Winnie lays in her bassinet beside you. Bucky comes out of the bathroom, steam billows out of the door and he is using his towel to dry off his hair. You look up and you are completely mesmerized by his wet, hard, muscular body. He sees you looking at him and he smirks.. he ties the towel around his waist and walks to your side of the bed.. you are very aware of how turned on you are. You are only a month out from birth so you are not about to jump into bed with him.. but you'll gladly accept any eye candy he's giving you.. he leans down over you and looks at your computer.. he's so close and you can feel the heat radiating off his body... you can smell his body wash and his natural smell.. it's literally starting to make you feral. How this man can do this to you after you just shoved his baby out of your body is beyond you... damn hormones*
Bucky- this one's cute.. *He clicks on one that  is a cartoon version of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf* there and Winnie can be little red riding hood..
*You smile and then pout*
Y/N- yeah... but I wanted a whole family theme..
Bucky- okay.. so what's a story with a Wolf family?
Y/N- I don't think there is one..
Bucky- he can be Balto!
*You laugh*
Y/N- and what.. Winnie will be the child he saves with the diphtheria medication?? *Bucky laughs*
Bucky- hey he is a hero!
*You look at Bucky as he scrolls your screen.. you take a deep breath and then focus*
Y/N- I was thinking he could do Winnie the Pooh..
*Bucky smiles*
Bucky- yeah! I could be Eeyore, Grant could be Tigger, You could be Piglet, and Winnie, of course will be Winnie the pooh..
Y/N- that's perfect! *You kiss his cheek and you rest your hand on his chest.. he's warm and firm.. you want to wrap yourself around him and knows it.. he kisses you and slips his hand behind your neck.. he then pulls back*
Bucky- you need to get a shower, I'll watch her and buy our costumes while you're in there. *You nod and smile*
Y/N- okay.. thank you..
*You shower and just let your mind wonder. Your hands move along your body and wash the soap off. You wash your hair and enjoy the silence.. you think of Bucky kissing your neck and caressing your face.. kissing your jaw and whispering in your ear. You are so taken with your daydream that you don't even hear Bucky open the shower door and climb in.. he kisses your neck just like you thought about and then moves to your jaw. you chuckle*
Y/N- you just showered... what are you doing??
Bucky- I thought you could use some company. I'm not gonna do anything more than this.. *He rubs your sides and kisses your neck. All the sudden Winnie starts crying.. Bucky chuckles and climbs out.. Bucky comes back in and you see him holding a poop covered Winnie.. you laugh and hold out your arms.. Bucky hands you Winnie and he helps take off her dirty onesie.. Bucky holds her as you wash her off and make sure she's clean.. then you hold her against your chest and kiss her head*
Y/N- what time is it??
Bucky- Umm 6:30.. Steve said he'd have Grant back by now. *Steve took Grant to the park after dinner to work out all of his energy.. and like clockwork because Steve is super punctual, Grant comes crawling into the bathroom.. Steve yells from the door*
Steve- he's back.. I'd come grab him for you but I can assume you both are very naked..
*You and Bucky laugh... Bucky climbs out and waves through the door*
Bucky- we got him! Thanks again Steve!
*Steve closes the door and you wave at Grant as he bangs on the shower door.. Bucky picks him up and strips him down*
Bucky- I figure this is easier than filling the bath!
*You laugh and nod. Bucky bathes Grant as you bathe Winnie.. when you're done Bucky gets Grant dried off and in his diaper then he gets Winnie out and holds her in her towel while you get out.. he puts her in her diaper and lays her in her swing.. he wraps her baby blanket around her and Grant crawls over watches her as she swings.. Bucky helps dry you off and then you grab your diaper like pads*
Y/N- the fact that 3 people in this family are in diapers is sad..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- yours is a pad and yours is because of blood.. not pee *He kisses your cheek*
Y/N- not true! Every time I cough I pee just a little
*Bucky shakes his head and pats your ass*
Bucky- come on, get dressed..
*You get dressed and then get Winnie.. you dress her in her pj's and then sit in bed with her.. Bucky gets Grant dressed and then reads him a bedtime story.. when he's done Grant is already asleep so Bucky takes him and lays him down. He comes back in and lays down next to you.. he watches you as you start to nurse Winnie*
Bucky- are you feeling better?
Y/N- yes.. everything you've done these past few weeks has helped. Just letting me know I'm seen and included has helped a lot. Physically I'm still slightly sore but everything has healed.. my breast don't hurt as much and I think my nipples have finally gettin use to it all again..
*Bucky nods and kisses your hand*
Bucky- good! I'm glad you're feeling better.. and I'm glad you're talking about it.. *You smile at Bucky and he rubs your arm* do you want me to bottle feed her tonight?? I can go ahead and get a couple packs in the fridge.. *You nod*
Y/N- yeah.. go ahead and do the normal 2... I'm gonna try and pump both sides when you feed her.. depending how I feel I may do a third round but we will see..
*Bucky smiles and nods*
Bucky- okay baby..
*Bucky gets her bottles ready for her 12am and 5am feeds.. you'll do the ones in between. He climbs in bed and you lay Winnie down.. she is already adjusting to a schedule so you know exactly when she's gonna wake up and what she's gonna need.. you know it's probably just a freak thing but you'll take it right now.. You and Bucky fall asleep and your night goes just as planned, thank god*

*That morning you wake up to Grant babbling over the monitor and Winnie cooing.. you smile and just listen to your babies.. Bucky rolls over and places his arm over you and kisses your neck*
Bucky- They are Music to my ears and you are a gift to my eyes.. *You rub his arm and lean back against him.. you both just bask in this beautiful perfect morning.. you can smell the crips fall air and you can see through the bathroom window that the leaves are fully changed and beautiful*
Y/N- what if we went to the park today??
Bucky- that sounds awesome y/n... you can wear Winnie and I'll chase Grant around, it'll be fun and I'll get my workout in..
*You laugh and nod*
Y/N- yeah and mama gets to watch.. *You tease and Bucky gently tickles you*
Bucky- we can go after breakfast.. that way maybe she will sleep on the ride and then be awake and entertained watching Grant..
Y/N- perfect!
Bucky- okay, I'll get Grant up and get breakfast going.. any requests??
Y/N- Hmmm surprise me! *You smile*
*Bucky gets up and gets Grant ready as you nurse Winnie.. you head out to the kitchen and Bucky holds Winnie while you eat.. after breakfast you all get ready for the park and head out*
Y/N- is the stroller in the car??
Bucky- yeah, Grant and I got it in while we were waiting on you and Winnie boo..
*You smile*
Y/N- Winnie Boo??
*Bucky smiles*
Bucky- yeah, it just kinda came out one night when I was feeding her.. it seemed to fit and now that's my little nickname for her..
*You kiss Bucky's cheek*
Y/N- I love it..
Bucky- alright.. let's head out!

*Winnie sleeps on the way and so does Grant.. Bucky lays his hand on your thigh as he drives and you lean on his arm. You pull in right as both kids wake up.. you check your phone really quick and Nat has responded to your message about being at the park*
Nat- okay! We will see y'all later then!
*You get Winnie's seat in her stroller and grab the diaper bag and wrap.. Grant is fighting Bucky about his coat and Bucky is starting to get frustrated*
Bucky- Grant it is chilly.. you have to wear your coat..
*Grant whines as Bucky pulls it in and zips it up.. he looks at you and pouts.. you kiss him and he calms down*
Y/N- you gotta stay warm Little wolf!
*He smiles... Bucky plays with Grant while you chill with Winnie. He pushes him on the swing and helps him slide.. he uses Winnie's stroller, empty of course, and he uses it to walk with.. eventually you and Bucky pack up and head home for lunch. You feed Winnie in the car before you leave and she sleeps on the way home.. while you're stopped You look over at Bucky and his nose is a little red from the cool breeze.. you lean over and kiss it and he chuckles.. he kisses you. You get home and get Grant lunch and then you put him down for nap while Bucky fixes you lunch.. Winnie sleeps in her swing while you and Bucky eat. She wakes up and wants to be held.. Bucky scoops her up and just cuddles her while she falls back asleep.. you laugh and snuggle up to Bucky*
Y/N- you better watch it Winnie boo.. he's mine.. *She smiles in her sleep and you chuckle* she's got you wrapped around her finger.. she says jump and you say how high and off what..
*Bucky laughs and nods*
Bucky- yeah.. I am.. she's a daddy's girl and I am okay with that! *You kiss his cheek and he looks at you.. he winks and teases you* but you'll always be my Baby girl.. *You swoon and hang onto him as you nap on his arm.. he kisses your head and just watches his two girls sleep in his arms.. he feels a little emotional because it all seems too good to be true*
Bucky- my Girls... *He kisses both of your heads and then just watches over you two as you sleep*

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