Get Ready To Be Wrecked

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*Nat sit in the bed and Steve is standing in front of her.*
Steve- Natasha?!? Seriously?!
Nat- I didn't want you to worry if you didn't need to.
Steve- well good, I'm not worried now, I'm pissed!! Nat-
Nat- Steve please stop! Okay?!? I'm scared! And- *She is cut off by another contraction... Steve's anger immediately disappears and he is by Nat, he kneels in front of her and rubs her sides as the contraction passes.. they look into each other's eyes and everything they were starting to fight about just disappears. Steve smiles and starts to cry a little and Nat smiles and kisses Steve*
Steve- we're gonna have a baby soon..
*Nat nods and chuckles*
Nat- Steve... I'm scared.
Steve- I know... so am I but we will get through this together and then Sarah will be here. *Nat nods and kisses Steve again.. Nat takes a deep breath and Steve helps her stand up*
Nat- I need to walk..
Steve- okay, let's walk..
*He kisses her head and they walk back out to the main room*
Y/N- you okay??
Nat- yeah
Bucky- y'all going on another walk?? *Bucky teases*
Steve- yeah *Steve laughs*
Bucky- not to intrude but there is a way to get Sarah moving that is much more enjoyable.. *Steve laughs and Nat nods.... You agree*
Nat- yeah... and if I could stand to have Steve touching me for that long I'd be down for it but lately when he touches me for too long I just get hot and annoyed.. *Steve nods and you try not to laugh. Bucky looks hurt for Steve*
Bucky- Ooh that's rough man... sorry..
*Steve nods and laughs*
Nat- oh please he has been doing it in the shower every morning and night.. he's fine.
*Bucky shakes his head*
Bucky- not the same...
*You hit Bucky's arm and look at Nat*
Y/N- Nat I completely understand and I felt the same way... but I suffered through for the sake of getting Grant to show up..
*Bucky looks at you hurt and shocked*
Bucky- Suffered through?!? Excuse me?!
*You realize you just fucked up.. you look at Bucky and he's got that crazy winter/daddy look in his eyes... you're definitely getting spanked tonight... and honestly, it kinda excited you.. he sees the excitement in your eyes*
Y/N- ha... Umm yeah.. *You grin and turn back to Nat* look nothing beats the natural method... and it is enjoyable once you get going... just do it! 
*Nat laughs pulls Steve along behind her.. they head outside. Steve looks over his shoulder and pretends to cry.. You and Bucky laugh and wave. Bucky looks at you and he smirks... you stare straight ahead, knowing he's trying to get you to look at him... he turns your face by your chin to face him*
Bucky- you suffered.. huh?!
*You blush and try to dig yourself out of the massive hole you dug*
Y/N- I was just saying that to make Nat feel better. I promise baby.. *You kiss him and he doesn't move or kiss you back.. you pull back and look at him*
Bucky- you're lucky you're so damn cute... or else I would have absolutely wrecked you tonight.. *He kisses you and then walks away... this little fucker. He knows you were looking forward to what he was gonna do. So he decided to not give in... you sigh and look down at Winnie, she smiles and you laugh*
Y/N- yeah... I was so close..

*2 weeks go by and before you know it it's thanksgiving. Sarah has yet to make her appearance and Nat is officially over it. Y'all are having thanksgiving dinner and you are all saying what you are thankful for.*
Tony- for my beautiful family and my third chance at life. Most people only get one, some get two, I was lucky enough to get three and I'm spending it the best way I know how... *He kisses Pepper and pulls Morgan into his arms*
Wanda- I am thankful to have Vis back..
*He kisses her*
Peter- I'm thankful for My Aunt May and for the family I've found in all of you.
*You smile*
Steve- much like Tony I'm thankful for the second chance I've had.. I was stupid and almost threw it away a couple years ago.. but being here now *He takes Nat's hand and looks down at her belly* I am so incredibly glad I came back. I can't wait to be a father and I just love you all so much.
*You take Steve's hand and squeeze it*
Nat- as much as I am over being pregnant I am thankful that I am pregnant. I never thought I would be able to have a baby and yet... *A tear falls and she stops speaking... she just rubs her belly and you all understand what she's saying... you take her hand too and she nods*
Bucky- I am thankful for my amazing wife, my incredible children, and my wonderful friends. You all mean the world to me.
*You kiss Bucky and run your hand along his thigh*
Y/N- I'm thankful for you all! I wouldn't have Bucky or my children had you not come to save me from Hydra that day. You could have left me alone and I would have been taken but you came to save me and because of that I have what I have... thank you..
*Bucky holds you close and kisses your head*
*The others list off what they are thankful for and then you eat. You head off to bed and get the kids down... you hear the unmistakable lock of the bedroom door and you turn around. Bucky is leaning against the wall just looking you up and down... he walks over and wraps his hands around your waist and he looks down at you and grabs your ass... he whispers*
Bucky- I was reminded earlier about what you said a couple weeks ago... about how you suffered through sex with me towards the end of your pregnancy..
*You chuckle and blush.. you lean closer and look up at him*
Y/N- Bucky-
Bucky- it's Daddy, Bunny.... Now get your ass in the air and be a good girl.
*Your stomach drops and you literally start to ache. You nod and run to the bed.. Bucky chuckles and starts to slowly undress and it absolutely kills you... god he's is so hot and you just want to get your hands on him.. he's denied you the last two weeks and you need him. He walks into the closet and brings out the ties... your eyes go wide*
Y/N- oh shit..
Bucky- oh yeah Bunny... get ready to be wrecked..

Nat- okay Stevie... *Nat walks out of the bathroom completely naked* let's do this...
*Steve looks up wide eyed... he smiles and nods vigorously.. Nat laughs and walk over to him. He grabs her ass and kisses her.. she laughs and moves on the bed.. Steve crawls over her and kisses her*
Steve- you sure? Because if this works this will be the last time we ever have child free sex...
*Nat smiles and nods*
Nat- yeah Stevie, I'm sure..
*He smiles and kisses her*

‼️Sorry it is short again but this was the best place to cut it for tonight! Some spicy moments tomorrow and who knows.... Maybe even a baby! 🤷🏼‍♀️👀🥰❤️‼️

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