That Is A Lot Of Damage

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*You smile and you and Bucky start ripping each other clothes off.. before you know it you are on top of Bucky riding him and cumming.. he massages your breast as you grip his chest... it is hot, desperate, and needy.. you two go till you can't anymore.. you lay beside him and pass out.. he quickly cleans himself up and cleans you as best he can.. he changes the sheets with you still on the bed and then just curls up behind you*
Bucky- Goodnight.. *He kisses your head*
Y/N- night... remember we have that doctors appointment in the morning.. *you speak as you are falling asleep*
Bucky- okay.. *He says half asleep*
*You wake up in the morning still naked and in Bucky's arms... you turn over and kiss his chest.. he hums in his sleep and holds you close.. you hear someone try to open the door and then sigh... then there's a knock.. you and Bucky laugh*
Y/N- You remembered to lock the door! *You giggle and kiss him*
*He smiles and hold up a remote*
Bucky- Yeah.. I was gonna tell you that I had Tony install an automatic door lock but I forgot in all the fun last night.. *You laugh and pull the comforter up to cover you and Bucky and hit the remote to open the door.. Steve walks in*
Steve- Hey so- oh sorry! *You and Bucky laugh* the door opened so I thought y'all were dressed..
Bucky- Nope! Got a new fancy remote that will open, shut, and lock the door..
*You hug Bucky and snuggle into his chest.. he smiles and motions for Steve to continue*
Steve- Umm Nat and I were wondering if we could tag along to your appointment today... *You look at Bucky and then at Steve* I know it's a weird question but we have no idea how any of this works and we wouldn't be in there during- we- I just thought I'd ask...
*You sit up and Bucky grabs the blanket and holds it so it doesn't fall and exposes everything to Steve*
Y/N- I get it and I'm okay with it if Bucky is..
*You look at Bucky and he nods*
Bucky- Just stay near her head and it will be all good!
*Steve laughs and you nod*
Steve- Thank you... *Steve looks back out the door and the turns back and whispers* I think it will help Nat a lot.. she's kinda nervous about our appointment next week..
Y/N- oh, Yes definitely! Y'all definitely have to be there now.. I really don't mind at all.. if this was our first baby or the first time we were seeing Winnie than it might be different but at this appointment I really don't mind at all..
Bucky- yeah there's nothing to worry about... *You look at Bucky and he keeps staring straight at Steve* and I say that as the one who doesn't have anything shoved inside of them... I just sit there.. *You and Steve laugh* but I'm sure it's gonna be okay..
Steve- Okay.. thank you so much and then
maybe we can go get lunch after.. what do y'all say??
*You look at Bucky and he smiles*
Bucky- Sounds good to me!
Steve- so what time??
Y/N- 10:30
*Steve nods and leaves and you lay back down.. Bucky looks at you*
Bucky- You almost gave Steve a free show..
Y/N- Ha! Oops
*Bucky shakes his head and smiles... he kisses you and holds you tight.. he rubs your back and then rubs your stomach*
Bucky- Winnie James, you're gonna have a big audience today!
*You laugh and she flips around*
Y/N- She's ready to show off..
*Bucky laughs and kisses you*
Bucky- okay.. let's get up and get Little wolf ready.. hopefully his teeth aren't bothering him today..
Y/N- yeah.. we will have to bring him with us to the appointment.
Bucky- oh yeah.. since Steve and Nat will be with us..
Y/N- Yeah, Peter's at school and the others are still working on Vision
Bucky- Man, for Wanda's sake it hope they figure it out soon
Y/N- Me too... okay.. let's go *You stand up and Bucky pulls you into his arms and kisses you*

*Grant is sleeping in and he is getting grumpy when you try to wake him*
Y/N- So that's how todays gonna go?? Okay..
*You pick him up and he stays asleep on your shoulder.. you bring him back into your room and sit on the bed. He is now awake but he just lays his head on your shoulder. Bucky comes out of the closet and sits down to put his shoes on.. he sees Grant*
Bucky- Still today?
Y/N- yeah.. he's a little warm.. can you grab me the Ther- *Grant sits up and stares at you*
Bucky- Nope! *He takes Grant* I promised you Little Wolf.. *He whispers* never again..
*You chuckle and kiss Grant*
Y/N- I only do it to make sure you're okay.. *Grant smiles* I'm gonna get dressed. Can you get him his morning bottle and breakfast?
Bucky- Yeah baby.. *He kisses you and walks out with Grant*

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