It's A Start

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*Winnie wakes up and starts crying. You look and see that it's time for you to feed Winnie. You get her and just feed her there on the couch. At first you cover yourself but Winnie keeps ripping off the cover so you just give up*
Y/N- Daddy is not going to be happy if anyone else sees this... so we've got to do this fast.
*Winnie smiles and you laugh. As you are feeding her Nat walks in... you look up*
Y/N- oh hey! How are you feeling?!
Nat- huge and absolutely over it... she can arrive any day and that's fine with me!
*You laugh and nod*
Y/N- yeah, that's how you know you're close...
You have a doctors appointment tomorrow right??
Nat- yeah... then we have one after thanksgiving... then we go every week till she arrives..
Y/N- did she ever tell y'all when her birthday was??
Nat- No! And if I had been in my right mind and not so caught up in actually seeing her I would have asked..
Y/N- you could have a Christmas baby!! *You smile and Nat laughs*
Nat- well not exactly Christmas... I'd be 2 weeks overdue at the point but yeah, we are getting the best gift this year. You gave us that picture of the kids last year and now this year we will be able to take one of our own..
*You smile and nod.. Nat looks down at you and realizes that your nursing and you breast are basically hanging out... She laughs*
Nat- sorry I just realized what you were doing...
*You shrug and wave her off*
Y/N- at this point half the compound has seen them-
*Bucky walks in*
Bucky- whoa! Lunch time I guess!
*He walks over and sits next to you... he pulls a cover over you and you roll your eyes.. Nat laughs... Winnie rips it off*
Y/N- she doesn't like it...
*Bucky laughs and leans down to talk to Winnie.. he speaks in a cute, funny voice that makes Winnie smiles and makes your heart just flutter*
Bucky- ummm excuse me Winnie boo, this little moment right here is kind of a mommy, daddy, Winnie show, okay... so let's not spoil the ending for those who haven't seen it yet... *He nods towards Nat and she laughs and smiles* okay?! *He places the cover back over you and Winnie leaves it alone.. you laugh and look down at her under the cover... you rub Winnie's head and she smiles and finishes nursing.. Bucky looks over at Nat*
Bucky- not that I think your checking her out or anything *You and Nat laughs* but you'll understand once you have Sarah.. *He looks down at Winnie* there's just something special about it that makes you want to protect this moment and keep it your little secret... *You smile at Bucky as he looks down at Winnie... you meet Nat's gaze and you make a funny face and she nods and chuckles... then she plays along*
Nat- I understand... can't wait. *Bucky smiles and then kisses your cheek*
Y/N- did you just come running because you sensed I was slightly naked??
*Bucky laughs and shakes his head*
Bucky- No... I was coming out here to tell you that we are taking Grant outside with us...
Y/N- okay but take his stroller or his play pin.. I don't want him to just wander off..
Bucky- I'll be watching him-
Y/N- I know but you also get so focused sometimes nothing will break your focus.
Bucky- okay, if it will make you happy then I will take the play pen.. okay?
*You nod and smile.. He kisses you and then walks out.. Nat looks at you*
Nat- so... you don't feel the same way about nursing?! *Nat and you chuckle*
Y/N- I mean it is really special and the bonding is amazing but day in and day out of having your breast just sucking on or pumped multiple times a day... yeah not as beautiful as one would think..
*Nat laughs and nods*
Nat- noted..
*Winnie is done and you burp her and then put her down for a nap.. Nat leaves for a walk, she's trying to walk Sarah out at this point. You pick up when you left off reading*

*Bucky slips on a plane to D.C. and finds the last known address for you, you've moved since then. He decides to rent a place under a fake name. He he determined to find you and he's not leaving till he does.. he is walking down the street one day and he hears a women scream, he turns around and sees her chasing a man down the street. He's about to step in when she lays him out with a punch.. Bucky chuckles.. as she collects her stuff and Bucky sees bags tossed on the ground, they must have been the women's. He picks them up and stacks them on the stairs and walks away... she yells a thank you.. that voice, it can't be... it couldn't have been that easy. He turns around and sees a glimpse of her hair as she walks through the door.. Bucky stops in his tracks.. he wants to scream your name, chase after you, hold you tight and never let you go, but he can't bring himself to move.. he stays there and just lets his mind race with thoughts of you. When he finally gets the courage he walks up the stairs to your building and climbs the stairs two at a time.. he knows you would never live on the first floor... too easy for someone to get you. He also knows you'd never live with people above you because you'd need a quick escape to the roof. You also wouldn't live on an end because again it's too easy for someone to take you.. So Bucky heads to the top floor and goes to the very middle apartment.. he stops in front of the door and takes a deep breath. He knocks and waits... the door opens and he come face to face with you... his mind flashes back to you falling from the plane, the look of fear in your eyes... he hears your breath catch and he moves forward and takes your face in his hands.. he looks into your eyes, your beautiful eyes, filled with life*
Bucky- you're alive?!? *Hot tears spill from his face and drop on your shoulder* I thought you were dead!! *He holds you tight as you start to talk. You push him away and his heart breaks. He hears you say how your scared and you need time... you push him out of the room and his hands colloid with the door. He try's the handle and it's locked.. he rest his head against it and just cry's*
Bucky- please y/n... please?! I'm so sorry for everything. Please baby?! I need you- I can't- y/n??
*He slides down the door and just sits there begging you to open the door.. He is there for who knows how long.. he starts to get worried so he stands up and busts through the door. He sees you laying on the ground, crying and disassociating. His heart breaks and he leans down to pick you up... he lifts you into his arms and lays you down in bed and whispers in your ear*
Bucky- let me know when you're ready, I'm patient and I'll wait... even if it takes 10 years... I love you, y/n...
*He kisses your forehead and leaves the room. He fixes the door and makes sure it's locked.. he closes it behind him and runs his hand along the handle. He leaves and then head out of the city. He leaves the country and heads to another safe house he has. The next week he sees the paper that there has been a bombing and he is the prime suspect... Steve finds him later that day and all hell breaks lose*
‼️Flashback ends‼️

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