2. It's been twelve years

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                                                                        POV: Martino Roman.

  It had been nearly twelve years since the day that my loving wife has passed, and since anyone had seen my daughter Luciana. It was the last time my family had been whole. My eldest son Vincenzo had become so enraged with me, that sometimes I am terrified to be near him.

 None of my sons have forgiven me for sending her away in the night, I can barely recall the event. I had been hoping over the years that I would be able to find my only daughter, just to have a simple conversation with her.

   Today would be the day that all of my hoping would be worth it. Me and my eldest sons were in my office discussing future plans over my mafia, when my phone began to ring interrupting us. My eldest son rolled his eyes as I answered it.

   "Hello? Who is this", I snapped.

  "This is Queens Police Station. My name is Officer Sparks, is this Martino Roman", the lady spoke calmly.

  "This is him"

    "Wonderful, we actually have your daughter Luciana Roman, in our custody. She was arrested last night for attempted shoplifting.", she explained.

  "Arrested", I asked with disbelieve.

  That had gotten my sons attention, they motioned for me to put my phone onto speaker so they could hear the conversation as well. I put the phone onto my desk and pressed the speaker button.

  "You are correct"

  "Would it be possible for me to bail her out?", I asked her.

  "Of course, just come down to the station and we will have the proper paperwork available by the time you arrive"

  "Thank you"

  "Actually Mr. Roman once we ran a background check on her, we noticed that she has not had a proper guardian in the past four years. Would you be interested in signing some paperwork to become her guardian?"

  "Yes, that would be splendid, thank you", I hung up the phone after wards.

  I leaned backwards in my chair, relaxing for a moment.

  "Well, I'll go get her then", Vincenzo blurted, before I could reply he spoke again," Like she would want to see you. The bastard that sent her away when she was four years old. The same bastard that called her a murderer for something she had zero-part in."

  I sighed, he was correct.

  "I can't let you go by yourself, we will go together to get her", I told him.

 Before he could reply I left the room and packed a small bag for a few nights. After ten minutes I was ready to leave, Vince was waiting at the front door with a small bag at his feet. We got to the airport in record timing and flew out to New York. As we arrived at the police station, I began to get nervous.

  The kind officer showed us to the interrogation room where she was being held. I looked in through the one-way glass, she was a spitting image of her mother. I went to door and slammed it open.

  "Martino Roman, send any more children away?.... what? It is just curiosity", She said smugly.

  I didn't know what I was expecting... Not that. I turned to Vince, and he had a giant smile on his face.

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