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My name is Luciana, most don't know me by that name. I am mostly known as Lucifier, a murderer in New York.  I was raised by a loving family in Los Angeles, California. My Papa took my seven older brothers to see a movie while I stayed at home with my Mama.

We were in the upstairs living room watching a movie, there was a loud bang downstairs. Mama took me to the linen closet in the hallway and made me promise to stay there until papa or one of my brothers came and got me. After a few minutes a heard Mama scream at the top of her lungs.

I stayed in the closet like mama had told me to, I stayed very quiet in case the person who made Mama scream was still in the house. After a bit, I heard the front door open and quick footsteps. Then I heard something I thought I would never hear, my father crying and screaming my Mama's name.

"Luci?"  yelled my eldest brother Vincenzo as he ran up the stairs," Where are you ?"

I began to open the linen closet door, but before I could open it, it was opened from the other side. I screamed a little as I thought it was one of the people who made Mama scream. However, it was not one of the strangers, it was only Vince.

I jumped into his arms with tears streaming down my face, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. He began to rub circles on my back to help calm me down.

"Shh it's alright sweetheart you're safe now", he cooed as he held me.

Soon after I calmed down completely.

"It's getting quite late why don't I put you to bed", Vince explained to me as he began to walk towards my room.

He took me into my bathroom and put me down. I went over to my sink with my step stool and began to brush my teeth. Before I was done Vince brought me my favorite pink unicorn pajamas.

I thanked him, got dressed, threw my dirty clothes into the hamper and went out and got into bed. Vince tucked me in before leaving the room.

In the middle of the night my door was opened, and I woke, being a light sleeper. It was Papa. He picked me up and began to carry me outside. When Papa picked me up, he smelled funny. Once outside he put me into one of the cars where a driver was already waiting on us.

"Papa where are we going", I mumbled as I rubbed my eyes.

"You're going to the airport", He told me.

"Why aren't you coming? Or one of my brothers?"

"I refuse to let a murderer live under my roof with my sons.", He sneered at me, and his breath smelled disgusting.

Papa told the driver something and went back inside, One of my brothers Lorenzo came outside and had my stuffed teddy bear that Mama had gotten for me for my previous birthday. He came over and opened the door.

"You're the reason Mama is dead." he told me as he tore the head off of my teddy bear and shut the door.

I began to cry as the car began to drive away.

I was put onto a plane for New York. For a few years afterwards I was extremely upset and missing my family. However, after I turned ten, I decided I would be the murderer that they wanted me to be.

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