8. They stopped trying after I broke a few of their bones.

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Luciana POV:

Flashback Twelve Years Ago

My eyes filled with tears as I got off the plane alone. I waited silently until one of the plane attendants exited the plane, I followed behind her. She seemed nice. Once inside the airport, a woman approached me.

"Are you lost sweetheart?", she asked me nicely.

I nodded swiftly, not having the words to say.

She reached for my tiny hand and held it in hers. She led me into a room and handed me a juice box. The nice lady stayed with me for a bit until another, slightly taller woman arrived. The airport worker then left me alone with the woman.

"Hello, I heard you were lost", she announced.

I nodded.

"Did your dad or mom get on the plane with you?"

I shook my head quickly with a few tears streaming down my cheek.

"Shh... it's okay", she cooed," we will get you back with them, it just might take a little while to until that happens. However I cannot let you stay in this airport so I'm going to take you to a home where there are a bunch of little kids."

I nodded.

She took me to her car, buckled me in, and took me to a large house. A nice lady named Mrs. Peters greeted us when we reached the front porch. I stopped paying attention when Mrs.Peters and the lady began to talk.

My eyes drifted to one of the windows above us. A pair of big brown eyes were staring at me. Just as fast as they appeared they disappeared. Mrs. Peters tapped my shoulder.

"Sweet heart, What is your name?", she asked.

"Mama told me I'm not supposed to tell strangers that", My eyes began to fill with tears as I thought of my mama.

"We need your name to get you back with your mama", the lady begged.

I pondered if I should tell them my name.

"My name is Ava", the nice lady said.

"My name is.. Luciana", I smiled at her.

"You last name?", she questioned as she wrote my name on a piece of paper.

I stared blankly at her.

Mrs. Peters placed her hand on Ava's shoulder.

"Okay Luciana you did a great job. Mrs. Peters is going to take care of you until I can find your parents", Ava said before going to her car.

After Ava left, Mrs.Peters ushered me inside the house. She held my hand and led me upstairs into a small bedroom. She let go of my hand and got a pair of pink pajamas out of the dresser and placed them in my hands.

"I'm going to go into the hall so you can change into your jammies", she said before going into the hall.

I swiftly changed into the pajamas. I huffed as the outfit was slightly big on me. I opened the door to see Mrs. Peters talking to a boy who had eyes that looked like the pair from earlier only they were blue, not brown. After their conversation Mrs. Peters led me back into the bedroom.

"Sorry about the jammies being a bit big on you, it is all I have at the moment. Tomorrow we can find you some proper clothes", she explained,"But for now lets get you into bed."

I climbed into the bed and Mrs. Peters tucked me in. She turned off the light, shut the door, and left me. I missed my brothers, they would always read me a story before bedtime and make sure I had my teddy bear.

I must have fallen asleep since light pooled into the room from the window. I yawned before getting out of bed and exiting the room. I heard talking so I went in the direction of the noise. Lots of children were sat a table eating.

Mrs. Peters was talking to the child with the boy who had the brown eyes. She noticed me and waved at me to come over to her. She had me sit next to the boy.

"Alexander this is Luciana", she explained as she placed a bowl of cereal in front of me," she's the girl you saw last night. After breakfast maybe you can show her around the house."

Mrs. Peters left me alone with the boy. I began to eat the food. The children around me began to whisper to each other.

"Shut up", Alexander scolded them, "she is not weird."

My bottom lip began to tremble. Before a tear could escape my eyes I swiftly went back upstairs to my room and I went inside the closet. A few minutes later the door swung open and Alexander stood in my room with the boy with blue eyes.

"This is my brother Nicolas", Alexander explained," But you can call him Nicky. I'm pretty sure some aliens dropped him off."

I began to giggle.

"That's not true", Nicolas announced.

"Is so"

"No it's not"

The two bickered back and forth.

"It's not the truth", Nicolas explained.

"Then what is the truth"

"Superheros dropped me off", Nicolas stated proudly.

From the day that I had met them I knew we would become the best of friends. The older kids would pick on me, however Nicky and Alexander were always there to protect me. Well not always, after the plane crash I was all alone for the first time in years.

If another kid would attempt to pick on me I would attack them. They stopped trying after I broke a few of their bones. Mrs. Peters deemed me as the problem child. She decided it would be best to send me to a new home.

I didn't want that. I packed a bag and took the little bit of money I had collected over the years and left the home. 

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