17. He killed one of his siblings

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Luciana Pov:

 I have a feeling that Lorenzo may have told Leonardo about what had happened a few nights ago at Nicolas's apartment. Ever since we came back from getting the sodas, Leo has been looking at me with like I would shatter. My other brothers don't seem to know, or they are waiting for me to tell them myself. 

When we all finished eating, we decided to end our shopping day and went back to the car. They refused to let me carry any of my bags as we walked back to the parking lot to the cars.  

"Val can I please drive us home", I begged.

"No", he bluntly said.





"Wait really?"


I kept begging all the way to the car. His answer stayed consistent until we got to the car.


He sighed.

"I swear if you so much as dent my car-"

I interrupted, "I won't, promise."

I smiled at him as he handed me the keys. He got in the car and sat in the passenger's seat to closely observe me driving. Vince decided to swap seating arrangements with Antonio. He was in the backseat with Leo and Donatello.

I glanced over to see who was driving Vince's car and I smirked when I saw it was Lorenzo.

This should be interesting...

I reeved the engine, so did Lorenzo. Marcello was in his passenger seat and signaled a count down. As he got to one, I put the gas petal to the floor and fled the parking lot. Since the road leading to the highway was a one laned I made sure to keep the lead while traveling at a normal speed.

Everything changed once we got onto the highway, I kept the gas petal floored. When I glanced at the mirror, Lorenzo was nowhere in sight.

"Luci slow down", Vince demanded from the back seat.

"Quit being a back seat driver", I snapped at him.

He looked shocked at me.

Once we were in the driveway, I noticed that Lorenzo was not here yet. When the car was parked, I looked at my brother's faces. Valentino looked like he was going to pass out. Donnie looked like he was going to be sick. Leonardo seemed impressed with my driving ability.

"Holy Fuck Luci, I didn't know you could drive like that", Leonardo screamed while trying to get up into the front of the car to interrogate me with questions.

However, Val had the opposite reaction than I had hoped for.

He began to lecture me, "Seriously Luciana do you know how dangerous that was. You could have killed us all. I don't know why I trusted you with my car. The way you drive you shouldn't be able to have your license Wait..."

"Luciana, do you have a license?", Donnie asked me.

"Erm well you see I never had the chance to get one ...", I nervously said.

"You didn't ask if she had one before you let her drive your car Val?", Vince gasped.

"I assumed she had one after she took Lorenzo's car for a joy ride", he defended.

"Who cares if she has one, she is the best driver in this family", Leonardo scolded, "besides Lorenzo drove for a year without his license and no one lectured him."

Once we were all out of the vehicle my other brothers finally arrived.

"What took you so long", I demanded.

"Don't worry about it", Lorenzo mumbled.

Antonio had a smug look on his face as he got out of the car.

"He got a ticket", Marcello blurted.

"It's not my fault. I only got pulled over because the car's inspection went bad" Lorenzo defended.

Vince sighed," Lorenzo, we will deal with that later."

We entered the house. For the first few seconds that we were inside it was peacefully quiet. Until the sound of furniture scrapping the floorboards filled the air along with Cora's loudmouth bossing the staff around.

I decided not to investigate with Vince and Donatello. They went into the dining room and came back into entry way with worried looks on their faces.

"We have a situation", Donnie explained.

"What is it", I asked.

Donnie went to Marcello and whispered in his ear.

"Oh shit this is really bad..", Marcello began to pace and panic.

Soon, all of my brothers seemed extremely worried and stressed. 

"We are literally going to die today", Lorenzo began to kneel down and pray.  

Something must truly be going on. I have never seen Lorenzo act like this.

"Will someone please tell me what the fuck is going on", I demanded.

Vince sighed.

"The rest of the family is joining us for dinner... Including Grandmother and Grandfather.", he answered.

"What is so bad about the rest of the family?", I pondered. 

"Most of the family is not so bad. However once everyone is together, all hell breaks loose. They fight and argue", Val stated.

"Plus, Everyone hasn't been together since before Martino sent you away", Vince added.

"You know what is worse", Antonio calmly stated, which is weird since everyone else was freaking out.

"What", I asked.

"One of our cousins who is coming over is a murderous psychopath. He killed one of his siblings", Antonio answered.


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