4. They want my brother's heads as trophies.

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This chapter contains suicidal thoughts and possible actions please read with caution.

Luciana POV:

After I finished killing my victim, I could feel some blood had splattered on my face. I began to chuckle to myself as I took my hoodie off and wiped my face until it was clean. I threw my hoodie into a dumpster that belonged to a restaurant. 

As I was leaving, I noticed one of the restaurant workers leaving a bottle of wine outside the back door. I quickly snatched it and wandered to one of my favorite spots in the city.

It was a bridge that went over a river. As I was sipping my wine, my head began to feel foggy. I began to stare down into the dark water. I could jump? No one would notice. I stood up on the side, mentally preparing myself to jump down into the freezing water.

"Luciana, please don't", the voice I recognized as Vince shouted.

I turned to look in the direction, he was running towards me with tears nearly falling from his eyes and a worried look plastered on his face.

"Please get down, it isn't worth it Luci please", he begged.

"Go away Vince, it'll be easier if you just forget about me", I shouted at him with a little slurring in my words.

Before I could even think of another thought two arms wrapped themselves around my body. I began to sob as I leaned against Vince.

"It's okay Luci, it'll get better. I am here now, I will protect you", he held me tightly as I sobbed," Let's get you back to the hotel."

"I can't go back with him Vince", I slurred at him," I have an apartment on Fourth street."

"Okay, next time maybe hide the alcohol?", he smiled at me, "You and Lorenzo will get along nicely."

My brother laughed; it was nice to hear his laugh after all these years of being separated from him.

"Okay, time to get you home then", Vince picked me up carefully and slowly, he began carrying me bridal style back towards my apartment.

This had been the first time in a long time that I had felt truly safe, my eyes began to get extremely heavy. As they fluttered shut, I quickly fell into a slumber against my older brother. It didn't last long as I quickly woke up as some loud noises invaded my ears. Once I was awake I noticed Vince leaving the bathroom in my apartment.

Vince seemed like a giant compared to my tiny apartment. There were only two rooms, my main living room and my bathroom. My couch could be folded out into my bed, it was rather comfortable in my opinion.

"Is this where you've been living all these years", Vince asked as he brought me a bottle of water from my nearly empty fridge.

"No, I used to live with a friend before I began renting this place", I stated before accepting the water from him.

"Oh", he took a blanket from the end of the couch I was laying on and began to lay the blanket out onto the cold floor.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready to sleep."

I rolled my eyes, got up before he could lay down, and unfolded the couch so it was big enough for the both of us. I picked the blanket up from the floor and put it back on the end of the bed. I went into the bathroom and changed into comfier clothes then laid down. Vince relaxed on the bed soon after, he wrapped his arms tightly around me like I would disappear at any second. 

When I woke up in the morning, it took me a few moments to recall the night before: Vince, Martino, the bridge, and even killing the officer. I untangled myself from Vince and went over to my coffee pot and began to brew some coffee.

As I waited, I began to think back to when I first arrived in New York. I don't remember all the details; I was immediately taken to a foster home where I met my two best friends. Alexander and Nicolas Saloman, they were twins. While we were at the foster home, we were inseparable even though they were a year older than me.

One day, they had received news that they were getting foster parents. The lady who ran the home took me along to take them to the airport and finally say our farewells. I was heartbroken as the plane took off. Once the plane was in the air, it combusted, not a single body could be found.

A lone tear began to run down my cheek as memories flooded my brain, I immediately wiped the tear off my cheek. Soon Vince woke up and joined me in my kitchen. I motioned to the mugs on the shelf, he poured himself some coffee. I waited until after he finished his cup before starting conversation.

"It is time you leave Vince", I announced.

"But Luciana, I just got you back into my life, I can't leave you again", He tried to wrap his arms around me.

I took a quick step away from him, "Either you leave willingly, or I call the cops."

He put his shoes on and left. I didn't want him to leave, but it was for the best. There are people everywhere around here who want the famous Roman brother's dead. More than once I have heard people wanting to have my brother's heads on their walls like trophies. I began to get feelings of uneasiness.

I quickly threw on jeans, and a t- shirt from the floor. I grabbed my gun from a drawer in my dresser. Soon after I was outside, I spotted Vincenzo almost immediately. Not many people on this side of town had businessman style. I followed him. My eyes left him for not even a minute and someone had him unconscious and they were stuffing him inside of the trunk of a car.

"God damn it Vince what did you get me into", I mumbled as I trailed the vehicle.

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