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Luciana POV:

"I don't understand why you three stayed instead on flying back with the rest of the family", I asked, while I focused on navigating.

Lorenzo was driving the car the American Mafia let me borrow, while Alessio and Alexander were in the backseat.

"Like I would leave you alone in New York with a person seeking revenge for slaughtering their entire family. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen", Lorenzo stated, his grip tightening on the steering wheel.

"Yeah, what Lorenzo said. Besides, I heard the clubs around here have the best parties", Alessio explained while handing me his phone.

On the screen was an advertisement for the "Lucky Clover", a club that claims to have celebrity guests every night.

I chuckled, "That place isn't what it seems." I handed Alessio his phone back, "besides, they have a rat problem."

"How do you know?  You're not even old enough to be allowed inside", Alessio questioned.

I pointed at Lorenzo's window, "Take the next left."

"Luci, answer Alessio's question", Lorenzo sighed, taking the turn.

"Had some rough nights and I knew a guy who could make fake IDs. The bartenders didn't pay any attention when I threw a few fifties in their direction", I explained.

No one spoke again for the remainder of the car ride. We soon arrived outside my old apartment building. The car stood out like a silver dollar in a pile of pennies.

We all got out of the car; a few people who were strolling by gave us side eyes. The stairs creaked with every step each one of us took.

"Well, this is it, Home sweet home", I said as I forced the door to my apartment open.

Lorenzo put his hand on my shoulder, stopping me from entering," That door wasn't locked, someone might be inside."

I scoffed, gently jerking my shoulder out of his grip," No one is inside. There isn't a lock on the door."

I entered my tiny apartment, everything exactly how I left it.

"Why isn't there a lock on your door", Alexander questioned as Lorenzo investigated the door for the nonexistent lock.

I shrugged, "The landlord is a scum bag."

Alessio took a seat on the couch, "As much as I am enjoying your apartment, why did we need to stop here?"

I went over to my packed storage closet and began to drag boxes out of it. After a few boxes, I found the container I was searching for and placed it on the table. I tossed the lid to the side and sat the contents on the table as well.

"What are those for", Alexander questioned, as he looked at the three objects I placed.

"If I'm going to spend the next few days hunting Mia down, I'm going to need to purchase some information", I explained while stuffing the objects into a pocket of my backpack.

 I received puzzled looks from Alexander and Alessio while Lorenzo noisily started to dig through the container.

"Why couldn't I see what that was", Alexander questioned.

I sighed, "Trading information is useless if everyone knows what I'm trying to trade."

Lorenzo made a verbal wincing sound as he jerked his hand from inside the box.  Red crimson blood pouring down his palm from a cut. A bit of his blood dripping onto the table.

"What the hell just cut me", He asked while trying to stop the bleeding with his other hand.

"Alessio please stitch his hand, there is a first aid kit in the bathroom under the sink", I groaned while throwing my bag over my back, " Alexander join me please."

"Where do you think you're going", Lorenzo demanded while Alessio started to hold a towel onto his hand.

"Most of the locals know who you two are", I pointed at Alessio and Lorenzo," Alexander is a blank face around here."

Alessio left Lorenzo for a moment, walking into the bathroom.

"Do you just expect me to stay here", Lorenzo aggressively asked me.

"Meet us at the 'Lucky Clover' in three hours, yes?", I answered.

Before any more objections could be heard, I grabbed Alexander's wrist and began to drag him out of my apartment quickly.

"Luci slow down", Alexander begged.

I immediately realized how dragging him out into the hall turned into me dragging him outside the building and onto the street. As soon as I noticed my mistake, I released my tight grip on his arm.

"Sorry", I muttered.

I took my bag off my back and placed it on the closest bench, I opened it, and took out one of the three objects.

"What are you actually planning on doing", He asked me.

I chuckled, "I do not trade information. They either tell me what I want to hear or I shoot their brains out."

I removed the cloth it was wrapped in, showing Alexander what the object was. It was a pistol.

"Like I said, lots of people owe me favors", I explained while concealing the gun in the waitband of my pants, "It's time I go collect those favors."

I started to speed walk towards my first stop, Alexander sighed before following after me. Going to see Barry is the first place I need to stop at and it was only about three miles away. 

I didn't bother knocking. He never locked his windows. I forced Alexander to stay outside.

"You think you would learn to lock your windows by now", I laughed as I walked into the room, interrupting the football game he and his friends were focused on.

"It was locked", Barry grunted, starting to get up from the recliner he was sitting on.

"Oh, that right. I forgot", I raised my gun and shot each one of his friends in the chest, leaving only Barry.

He looked at me shocked.

"What? You don't remember stealing my motorcycle", I sneered, pressing the gun into his forehead.

His face paled.

He nervously stuttered, "I thought we agreed to put that behind us."

I pressed the gun harder against his skull, "I never agreed to anything. I know you stole my bike, I know for a fact that it is most likely gone now. How do you plan to make up for that?"

"I don't have any money. Please don't kill me", he begged like the pussy he is.

I shook my head," I'm not after money. Just information."

"Information", Barry questioned," On what?"

"Mia Salomon."

He scoffed, "Like I have any idea of who that is."

I glared at him," You know exactly who she is. Now, where can I find her?"

He spat, his saliva landing in the middle of my face. I used the back of my palm to wipe it off.

"Barry... that is actually the worst thing you could have done", I said," And you still look to the left when you lie."

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