11. If I see that bastard I will break his face

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Warning- this chapter may contain some triggering themes 

Luciana POV:

My head was pounding as I forced my eyes open. However, I immediately shut them as blinding lights invaded my field of vision. After adjusting to the light, I began to sit up. Hands were on my back assisting me.

I panicked and jolted away from the touch. I peered at the person who was helping me. It was Nicolas. Dark bags sat under his blood shot eyes.

"You scared me Luciana", he slurred," I thought I had lost you..."

"I'm okay Nicolas. I'm okay...", I took a few moments to attempt to remember what had happened," I guess the adrenaline rush just wore off."

He raised his eyebrow as his hand began to shake. He was pissed... beyond pissed.

"You scared the fuck out of me", His breathing was rapid. After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke," Why did you even need to have stiches in your leg. And do not lie to me Luci."

I sighed. 

"I got shot. After my brothers came to get me, I ran. Almost jumped off a bridge. Vince got himself kidnapped so I ended up rescuing him and my sperm donor. I missed one of them and got shot."

Nicolas's lip quivered slightly before he engulfed me into a warm comforting hug. I wrapped my arms around him. My eyes shot up to look at his face as he removed his arms from around me. He looked as if he had realized something.

"Holy fuck. Does Alex know your here. He would love to see you. I should call him and tell him to come back to our apartment."

"Not a good idea Nick. If I see that bastard I will break his face. He knows I'm here. We had a reunion before I stormed off with Lorenzo's car."

He nodded before getting up and leaving the room. Once he was gone, I looked around, I assumed it was his room. After a few minutes, he walked back in with a water bottle in one hand  and some pills in his other.

"Take these they will help with the pain", he handed them to me. I nodded before swallowing them quickly

After I swallowed them, he looked guilty.

"What did you do Nicolas", I mumbled as I started to stick my fingers into the back of my throat to try and throw up them up.

"I'm sorry lucky. But this has to happen. I know you killed my father that night. You will pay for that", he sneered in my face.

He grabbed my wrists and got on top of me keeping me on the bed. His grip tightened.

"Luci quit struggling and let me take you to her", he began to beg.

Loud piercing screams left my throat hoping to gain someone's attention. Luckily, the door slammed open. Storming into the room was my brother... Lorenzo Roman.

He immediately saw Nic keeping me pinned down on the bed. He rushed over and began throwing punches at Nicolas. He was unfazed By Lorenzo's punches. Lorenzo finally had enough and took his gun from the waist band of his pants and aimed at Nic.

He pulled the trigger with no hesitation, shooting Nic in the shoulder. Blood began to gush down his arm, he let go of me, and fell onto the floor, wincing in pain. Lorenzo picked me up and carried me out of the building. Outside in the parking lot was a car, he took me over to the passenger's side and placed me on the seat. Then he went to the driver's side, roaring the engine to life.

Lorenzo drove us out of there quickly. He kept his eyes on the road. Occasionally I would catch him glancing at me. After an awkward silence filled car ride, we arrived back at his house.

"Before I take you in there, are you okay? Did that fucker hurt you", he attempted to sound concerned however all I could hear was anger through his gritted teeth.

"He didn't hurt me"

He nodded before coming over to my door and carrying me inside the house. No one noticed we were there. He took me up the stairs to a room. The room was bare, and it seemed as if it was empty for years. This is most likely my room. Lorenzo placed me on the bed.

He left the room. Once he was gone my mind began to wonder and I remembered the pills that I swallowed. Before I could even get my fingers into my mouth to throw them up, I knew it was to late to throw them up. I felt immense dizziness.

Lorenzo entered the room again with a blanket and an extra pillow in his hand.

"He... fucking.. dr-drugged... me", I slurred, struggling to get the words out of my mouth.

I watched him mouth the word "fuck". No sound followed.

My eyes began to close against my will. With the little bit of consciousness I had left I felt a blanket being placed on top of my body.


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