18. Rot in hell you bastard

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Luciana Pov:

After being informed about the surprise family visit, I became extremely stressed and overwhelmed like the rest of my siblings.  I decided to be alone in my room to put away everything that I had bought. My brothers insisted on carrying everything upstairs for me.

However, after it was all in my room, I made them leave so I could organize alone. My walk-in closet was massive. But lucky for me, I bought enough things to make it not look bare. I started the process of putting things away.

I hung my shirts on one side and put my pants neatly into drawers. I put the few dresses that I bought on hangers on the other side of the closet. While we were shopping I bought a few new knives and put those in plain sight.

After everything was nicely arranged, a knock at my door dragged me out of my organizing frenzy. As I opened the door my happiness faded away as my eyes landed on Martino in my doorway. He reeked of alcohol and was obviously drunk. I glared at him. He had some guts to come near me.

"What do you what", I hissed.

"Dinner's ... ready", he mumbled his speech was slurred.

"Are you going to be there?", I demanded.

"Of course ... I am ... Its my house"

"I won't be joining for dinner", I insisted.

He clearly did not like my answer. He attempted to take a step towards me, however he failed. His hands were on the door frame to keep himself from falling over. I pushed him off of the frame and away from my room.

I grabbed the door and slammed it as hard as I could, making the sound echo through the hallways of the house.

All the rage that had bottled up since I arrived began to flow out of me. I tore everything off of my desk and threw them at the door, making them break. A bit of the paint began to chip off of the door. However, destroying pointless objects wasn't enough. I decided that taking my anger out on dear old sperm donor would be better.

I went to turn the doorknob to find him, however the door wouldn't open. I tried to pull it open, hoping it would budge, it didn't. I quickly examined the door to see if I could find the jam. However, I soon realized that the door wasn't on the hinges anymore.

Once I realized I couldn't get it open like a normal person, I decided to punch and kick the door with all of my strength to open it. I didn't think I was going to break it until a crack in the wood began to form.

I started to hit it faster and harder than before. Besides the one singular crack, nothing else was happening to it. I had enough of the door. My temper was worsening. I grabbed the lamp from the end table and threw it at the window, making it shatter. I climbed down using the tree.

I stumbled as I landed on the ground. The backdoor was the fastest way to get inside the house. As I was sprinting to the door, I glanced inside the windows and the kitchen was filled with people who I didn't recognize. I didn't care who they were.

Before going inside, I took the axe that was used to chop firewood. Marcello was the first of my siblings to see me. He looked terrified and worried as he looked at me. I realized I might have looked like a crazy person, with sticks and leaves in my hair and blood on my knuckles. He could look at me all night, I needed to hunt and kill that bastard who thinks he is my father.

As I searched in the house the unknown people gave me judgmental looks. Vince was the next one of my siblings who I came across. He seemed happy talking to a few of the people. He looked into my eyes and deserted the people and went upstairs.

Before I knew it, he and Antonio were attempting to block my path. I don't want to hurt them.  I run and slid between their legs to find him before I could get caught. Once I was back on my feet, I saw him.

He was talking to someone who looked similar to him. I dropped the axe and tackled him the ground. I started to punch him over and over again. He was attempting to fight back, however his state did nothing to help.

The he started begging me to stop, I stopped punching his face and I internally snapped.

I took his hand and quickly pushed his finger backwards until I heard a snapping noise. Then I did the same with each finger. After the first hand I wanted to break the other  fingers, however someone began to pull me off of him.

My head turned to look at them. It was the same person Martino was talking to. I went ballistic. I threw my head backwards, I smirked once I heard a cracking sound. I hoped his hold on me would weaken, it didn't.

Vince was helping the person keep me still while Valentino was wiping my arm with alcohol. I looked at his hand, he was holding a needle. My struggling increased. I despised needles. Vince held my arm still while Val jabbed the needle into my skin, I could tell he was trying to be gentle.

I started to feel dizzy and my vision started to become fuzzy. My struggling died down, Vince and the person who looked like Martino released their hold on me. He picked me up bridal style and held me in his arms.

He looked at me and noticed I was still conscious. He motioned for Val, I felt more alcohol being rubbed on my other arm and a slight prick. I struggled for a few moments to stay conscious. I decided to give up on staying conscious.

My eyes darted to Martino as I heard him groan. People were helping him to his feet, his hand was craddled against his chest.

"Rot in hell you bastard", I mumbled before going unconscious.


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