13.As long as it's not a stupid princess movie

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Luciana Pov:

It had been nearly twenty-four hours of Valentino and Lorenzo taking care of me. They gave me a change of clothes; it was difficult for them to find something small enough for me to wear.  After spending some time with them, I began to finally get to know them after so many years of being separated from them. 

Lorenzo is not the big bad brother I had thought he was Martino had made him say those words after threatening to hurt his younger twin, Leonardo.  Since I didn't want my other brothers to know that I was drugged or that I was back in the house Lorenzo stayed in my bedroom with me nearly the entire time.

While spending time together, we had some actual sibling bonding time. Together me and Lorenzo watched tv shows and movies. Turns out he is a huge nerd for comedy shows and movies. However, after watching that genre of movies and tv shows for hours at a time, you start to get bored of them, so we switched to horror. It was so hilarious to see him jump at the slightest of jump scares.

Valentino came to check on me nearly every hour, even when I insisted that I was feeling better. It was nice to feel cared for.  After lots of convincing, they had talked me into joining them and the family for dinner. 

Apparently, Martino and his new wife Cora had gone out for the evening for a dinner date.  Turns out that when they were gone, they spent time together like a family.

Lorenzo would come get me soon to walk down to the dining room with me. He had to go to his room to get changed into different clothes. I was given a pair of his sweatpants and a hoodie since I had no other clothes. Lorenzo told me that we would go shopping in the morning to get me some clothes that properly fit and other things that I would need.

A soft knock was at the door, Lorenzo entered.

"Ready to go get some dinner Luciana", Lorenzo asked.

"I suppose", I nervously replied, knowing I wasn't getting out of it.

 I slowly walked beside him to the dinning room. Outside of the doorway I could hear small conversations in the room. Lorenzo opened the door and walked in with me still standing in the door way.

 Nobody noticed me right away. I went to the seat that I had sat in the day that I had arrived, next to Marcello. My brothers' heads perked up as the chair's legs scrapped against the floorboards.


"Uh hi", I waved at them.

If I would have known that I was going to get lectured so much, then I would not have come to dinner.

 "Luciana do you know how dangerous racing a car is."

 "Do you know how much you scared me"

 "Are you hurt"

 "You could have hurt someone throwing a knife like that."

 They kept going on and on. I desperately tried to ignore them. Soon the maids had brought us our food.

I slowly began to eat the pasta. I took my time to eat my meal, but when I glanced around at my brothers, they were eating like then had been starved for weeks. They were basically inhaling it. I could only eat a quarter of my plate before I was full. 

"Luciana why aren't you eating? Do you not like it?", Antonio managed to say with a mouth stuffed full of food.

"No no its good I'm just full", I put my fork on my plate while I began to sip my glass of water.

"I'll let you off the hook this one time since you just got here but next time you better finish your plate", Vince told me while he wiped the sauce off his face.

I nodded. I sat their until all of my brothers were finished eating. The maids then came to take our plates. I made sure to thank them. 

Vince cleared his throat to get everyone's attention," Luciana since you are back home, Martino decided to enroll you in school. You will be going to the same school as Leonardo, Lorenzo, and Marcello."

 I nodded.

"Alright alright enough with the serious bull shit it's time to watch a movie" Marcello announced with a grin on his face," I think that since this is the first official movie night with Luciana that she should get to pick the movie."

My other brothers nodded as a form of agreement. Well, everyone except for Antonio.

"As long as it's not a stupid princess movie", he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Actually dear brother I was thinking we could watch a horror movie", I proudly stated. 

Antonio smirked at me.

"Great idea", Val praised me as he headed into the other room.

All of my brothers left except for Vincenzo. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly. 

"Don't ever scare me like that please," he begged.

"I'll try not to."

"You start school on Monday", he whispered into my ear.

That'll give me two days to relax until then.

He let go of me and I followed him into a room that had a giant tv inside, couches, and lots of blankets and pillows. I took a seat next to Lorenzo and Vince sat next to me. Once everyone was seated and ready Marcello started the movie. Halfway through the movie my eyelids began to feel heavy. I leaned my head onto Lorenzo and drifted off to sleep.


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