15. You are under arrest for murder

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Unknown POV:

     Ever since the first day that I laid my eyes on her, I knew that I needed to have her all to myself. My idiot brother has told me countless times that I am selfish for having these thoughts. He is even more stupid if he thinks I forget about her. 

     I saw a man running, she was following him. That angered me, I should be the only man she chases after.  Once I got closer to her, I fought with thoughts on if I should take her that day. I followed them, just in case he hurt her.

However, I was wrong. She killed him by creating a gashing hole in his throat using a broom. Once I watched her kill him, I knew that that wouldn't be the best time to take her.  She's to feisty to try and take without a plan.

After she picked his pockets, I quickly went back onto the semi populated streets, hoping for her not to notice my presence. As she left, I kept my distance while following her. I wanted to know her every move.

    Once my precious Luciana Roman went into the donut shop, I decided to leave her for the time being. My heart ached as I left her alone.

     I wondered back towards the alley way where the murder had occured. My eyes snapped to the alley as I got closer. The body was no where to be seen. However, the scene was swarming with cops.

A single officer noticed me and stopped me in my tracks. 

"How can I help you officers", I grumbled to them, not in the mood to deal with these filthy pigs. (No offence to any police officers)

"Sir we would like to question you about the incident that had taken place in this alley", he told me while taking a notepad and a pencil out. 

"What about it", I snapped.

"Where were you approximately twenty minutes ago", he questioned.

"I don't know. Down the street"

"Hmm sir I think I should take you down to the station for some finger prints."

"I don't think you will be doing that"

"And whys that"

"Where is your warrant?", I sneered in his face.

"Well we found some finger prints on the wall over there and we just want to make sure we aren't letting the murderer roam the streets"

Damn it. I was to distracted by my precious Luciana that I forgot to clean the wall that I was touching with my finger tips. 

I sighed.

"Fine then. Lets get this over with"

 The officer walked me to his car, and locking the door behind me after I was seated. He drove us to the local station. I was escorted into a back room and left alone for about thirty minutes.  A different officer entered the room and took my fingerprints.

  Once I was left alone, I dashed to the phone on the wall in the room. I dialed the number hoping he would answer. 


"Alexander. Call the lawyer and tell them to come to Station on Cross street."


"Just do it!"

 Some footsteps were outside the door. I immediately hung the phone up.  Both of the previous officers entered the room. Once had their hand cuffs ready and the other had a piece of paper in their hands.

I was given the paper by the officer.

"What's this", I asked, hoping to buy some time for the lawyer to get here.

"Look at the prints on the paper", he said.

My curious eyes wandered to the paper. On it were two sets of fingerprints, that were practically identical to each other.

"Nicolas Saloman, you are under arrest for murder", the one officer announced proudly.

The other went behind me, he pulled my arms behind my back, and put the metal cuffs tightly on my wrists.

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