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I nervously ventured into the swarms of loud rowdy people. I need Alexander or well Nicolas to understand that I do not know his true identity.

"There you are Luc, I've been looking all over this place for you", His voice rang out, the sound piercing my ears, making them want to bleed.

"Uh yeah, same here", I anxiously shrugged.

"Did you collect all the information you needed", He asked, trying to speak over the roaring voices of the crowds of people.

"Yeah, lets get out of here", I announced as I started to wander towards the door we entered at.

A hand grasped my wrist, I instantly turned my head. It was Nicolas.

"I found a back door while I was looking for you", he explained.

He gave my wrist an encouraging tug, urging me to follow in the direction he wanted me to. I did not follow. I stood statue still in my spot. I could not risk following him to an unknown place.

"It's quicker this way", I pointed towards the entrance that was within eyesight.

"Let's just go out the back door." The frustration clear in his begging. He harshly pulled my wrist, his grip becoming tighter with the increase in his temper.

"Let go of me", I harshly snapped, failing to pull my wrist out of his grip.

Nicolas angerly glared at me, he pulled me much rougher than he had done before. The pull made me lose my sturdy balance from my spot. He took that small opportunity to pull me towards the direction in which the mysterious back door was.

With much struggling from my end, he somehow managed to get me to the very real back door. He gave me a rough shove towards it, making me land on my knees. My head snapped upwards as the cocking of a gun filled my ears.

"You damn women cannot keep your fucking mouths shut", He agitatedly rambled as he lifted the gun so it was aimed at me," That idiot sister of mine couldn't resist the urge to brag about me and Alexander switching places."

...how did he know that I knew.

Before anything else could be added to his rant, I interrupted," What was the point of swapping places anyway?"

He smirked at me, " Why would I tell you and ruin the surprise? Go out that door."

I refused to move from the position I was in. His smirk almost instantly morphed into an amused grin.

"I tried to tell them that you would never go out there willingly", he was almost laughing.

"Who's them", I asked calmly, not wanting to make his temper any worse. He took a few steps towards me, lifting the gun so it was aimed at my chest. My attempts at trying to make him anymore anger went out the window. 

"Go out that door or I blow your cold dead heart out of your chest", He angerly demanded.

I could not decide if he was bluffing. Getting my heart blown out of my chest was not something I wanted to gamble on.

I sighed, knowing I had no other choice, I stood up, and turned around so I was facing the door. I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side of it. I took a few simple moments to mentally prepare myself, then I opened it.

Before I could see what was waiting for me, a gun was pressed into my back, making my heart race even more.

"Go", Nicolas grunted.

Having no choice in the matter, I took a few steps, forcing myself through the doorway that opened the black abyss on the other side.

"It's about damn time", Her voice felt like poison as it entered my ears.


Lights above us quickly flickered on; my head snapped to the direction that I heard her voice come from. She stood proudly; a smug look plastered on her face. A few grunts stood towering protectively behind her.

"You", I angerly gritted through my teeth.

"Surprise, it's me, the one and only", She taunted with a smug grin, "Aww not coming to attack me?"

"I'm not that stupid."

"Shame", a very fake pout formed on her face.

I shook my head annoyed already.

"Why the hell are you even here", I demanded.

"Well, you see, my friends here were close to the victims of your 'killing sprees'. For months, all they could do was ramble about 'I'm going to kill Lucifer'... 'Lucifer's going to pay'. It got very annoying after a day, so I figured I would help them out a bit", she explained with an amused grin.

I tensed. If all of them wanted revenge, they would be a zero percent chance than I would survive.

"Well boys our chat is over, she is all yours", Mia informed the grunts before leaving the alley way.

After she was out of sight, they started to walk towards me, like a lion and a gazelle. I was trapped between them and the exit. I bent my knees, and crotched down until my hand could touch the ground. I scooped up a handful of dirt and dust. Once they were close enough, I threw it at their faces, hoping to hit them all at once.

Luckily, it provided an opening.

Once they were blinded momentarily, I dashed between them. The only  way I was going to survive was if I ran.  As soon as I was past them, I sprinted out of the alley way. 

 After a few minutes of spirting at full speed, I spotted a bridge in the distance. It was the perfect escape route.

Once I was on the bridge, I climbed up onto the rails and pulled myself onto the edge. My hands helping to keep me standing still.

The memories of Vince pulling me off the last bridge I wanted to jump off of filled my brain.

"Well Vince... hopefully we can laugh about this moment in the future", I muttered, knowing the windy silence was the only thing listening to my possible last words.

In the close distance, I could hear frustrating screaming and yelling. Time was quickly running out.

I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. My legs were shaking as I could feel the rush of adrenaline filling my veins.

It's now or never.

I had sprung of the bridge, my legs flailing as I began my decent towards the water.

I inhaled as much oxygen as I could as the dark unknown of the river became incredibly close.

As my legs, then my lower waist touched the water, my brothers filled my mind...







and then finally Vincenzo.

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