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Luciana POV:

After meeting my family members, we decided to spend the afternoon bonding in the living room. Almost everyone was in the room, everyone except for Val and Martino. I heard Vince whispering to Uncle Gio that Martino's fingers were badly broken, which made me smirk to myself.

While we were in the living room, I kept my distance from Grandfather Alessandro. I didn't understand how he know my underworld name. The feeling kept eating at me until after dinner when I decided to call it an early night.

When I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth, I heard light tapping on the window. I grabbed the knife that I kept under the hamper. I kept my hand tightly around the handle as I crept into my room.

As I entered the room, I felt a cold breeze. My eyes darted to the window that was now wide open. I took a deep breath as I held the knife even tighter, making my knuckles go white. As I shut the window, a voice echoed in my room.

"Luciana, this room is so disgustingly boring. You seriously need to decorate better."

I slowly turned around as my nerves eased up. I stopped holding the weapon as tightly as I let out a breath.

"Maybe I would have gotten out the red carpet if I knew that someone would be sneaking into my bedroom Alessio," I snapped.

"Next time, lock your windows", he snickered, "Now go get dressed, it starts in an hour and a half, and it takes thirty minutes for us to get there so hurry up."

"Before what starts?", I questioned.

"Luciana this is not the time to be living under a rock", he lectured me while gently nudging me towards my closet, "Go in there find an outfit that makes you look hot so we can go."

"Tell me what I am dressing up for dip shit."

"Oh yeah I forgot you just moved here and live under a boulder. Tonight we are going to a party."

"A party?"

"Luciana. We just had a conversation about you living under a rock. Get your ass into your closet and get changed", he snapped while shoving me forcibly into my closet," If you're not dressed in five minutes, I am dragging you there in your pajamas."

I sighed, knowing I had no choice in the matter. I took out a pair of black skinny jeans, a crop top, a red flannel, and black converse. I didn't see the point in caking makeup on my face, so I just put on some mascara. I made sure to secure two knives before exiting my closet.

"Better?", I gave a little twirl.

"Much. I am glad you are not making me drag you there in your pajamas", he added.

"Like you would have been able to do that"

"Luciana, we will argue about who is stronger when we get back. The guards are going to be switching shifts soon, if we are going, we have to leave right now."

I nodded before we both climbed out of my window. Alessio led me to the front gate. He grabbed my hand as we darted off of the property. Alessio was right about needing to leave right away, the guards were nowhere to be seen.

We stopped running when we reached a rundown parking lot. A few rusted cars were scattered in the parking spots. He led me to a beat-up, rusted pickup truck.

"I know this vehicle isn't the best, but the less suspicious we look the least likely we are to get caught", he explained.

"Right", I nodded.

Alessio struggled to get the truck started. The engine soon roared to life. He drove us straight to a house. As we got out of the truck I could smell the alcohol radiated off of the people who were still at least fifteen feet away.

"Luciana, fair warning. Lorenzo, Leonardo, or Marcello could be here."

I looked at him urging him to continue.

"Only people at your high school know about this party", he explained.

I nodded.

Once inside, Alessio led me straight into the kitchen. He instantly took out two cups and began making us each a drink.

"Aren't you driving us home", I shouted hoping he would hear me over the blasting music.

"The house isn't that far, we can walk home", he yelled back.

"What about your truck", I asked.

"It isn't mine", he smirked while handing me one of the drinks he prepared," Be careful, it's strong."

We tapped our cups against each other's, then we took a drink. He was right, this drink is really strong. He kept staring at me, waiting for a reaction from the drink. I raised an eyebrow before taking another, slightly bigger drink.

He chuckled.

"Let's dance", he pulled me into the other room where swarms of people were dancing. 

For a while, I was enjoying not having a care in the world. I went to take a drink out of my cup and realized it was completely empty. I sighed before going into the kitchen to get a refill. Once I had a refill, I saw them.

My brothers.

Lorenzo was shouting aggressively into his phone. Leo was attempting to search the room for something, or should I saw someone. Then... I made eye contact with Marcello. He noticed me, he held up five fingers and slowly began to put them down.

I started to chug my freshly made drink, while making eye contact with Marcello. Once all of his fingers were down, I finished my cup, he tapped Lorenzo and Leo's shoulder and pointed at me.

I took off running into the room, hoping I would lose them in the crowd. I soon found Alessio on a couch with a woman on his lap, making out. Another woman was leaning against the nearby wall staring at a girl in the crowd.

I walked over to her.

"I need your help", I told her.


"Kiss me", I demanded.


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