10. First of all Dickhead, wrong person.

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Luciana POV:

Anger flooded my veins as I gripped the steering wheel tightly. The race was getting ready to begin. A person holding a flag went between me and Nicolas's cars. The flag was in the air, then slammed towards the ground. 

Once the flag was inches above the ground, I forced the gas petal to the floor. Nic's car moved at the same speed my car was. As I shifted gears, my car took over the lead. To keep him from taking the lead I kept my car in front of his. He kept trying to go around me. In my mirror I could see him clenching his jaw. I smirked.

 With Nic on my tail, the finish line was in my sights. I looked in my mirror to see the look on his face as I crossed the finish line. However, he was not in his car.  Before I knew what was happening, Nic was opening my door. His fist made contact with the right side of my face.

"Lorenzo what the hell was that", Nic roared in my face

"First of all dickhead, wrong person". His emotion changed completely as he took a moment to look at me, realizing I was not my brother.

His anger faded away as he pulled me into an embrace.

"I missed you so much Lucky", he mumbled into my ear.

When we were kids Nic and I always won games when we were on the same team. He called me his lucky charm. 

"Missed you too Nicky", I wrapped my arms around his torso. 

Sirens filled the silence. The cops, I cannot get arrested again.

"Damn it" he groaned as he moved his arms from around me.

"Nicky let me come with you", I pleaded with him.

"Like I was going to leave you here. Come on", he squeezed my hand reassuringly before dragging me over to his car.

He started the car and began to flee. He kept his attention on getting us away as quickly as possible, while I kept my eyes open for anyone following us.

"When did you get to Italy", I asked him while keeping my eyes on our surroundings.

He tensed, "Me and Alex's foster parents weren't really our foster parents. They were our Mother's sister and her husband. They were going to take us to Canada to live a normal life. The plane explosion was a set up. Luckily we were waiting in the lobby for you. I couldn't leave my lucky charm without saying goodbye. You never mentioned how you got here"

"Sperm doner got a call after I got arrested. Then I came back here with them", After Alex's reaction I don't need Nicolas to freak out. 

A proud smirk was plastered on his face, "Arrested? Luci I didn't think you had it in you."

Oh, Nicky there is a lot you don't know about me...  Red and blue lights appeared in the mirrors.

"We've got company", I announced.

 Nicolas sped the car up. More flashing lights appeared behind us.

"Luci can you swim?"

"Nic what are you planning"

"Can you?"


"Good answer"

He sharply turned the wheel towards a dock. The Police cars stopped at the beginning of it while Nic kept driving. He didn't stop when we reached the end of the dock. The car began to submerge under the water's surface.

 Before we were completely under the water, we opened our doors. I ascended to the water's surface. Even though it was past midnight, and it was impossible to see anything, I still did not want to take any chances.

I moved swiftly under the dock. Once safely where no one could see me, I realized that Nicolas was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic. Bubbles appeared in the water, then he popped up from underneath. 

I waved him over to my hiding spot. He noticed me immediately and began to swim towards me.

"You scared me you dick", I punched him harshly in the shoulder.

He winced. "Ouch Luci that hurt. Come on let's go before we get caught."

We began to swim along the shoreline. Once a safe distance away from the dock we went onto the beach.  Nic was walking ahead of me. Before we even left the beach it began to become difficult for me to keep up with him,

"Nicolas can we slow down", I slurred slightly as I began to feel lightheaded.

He turned around. Before anything else could be said, I began to feel myself falling towards the sandy ground. Nic caught me in his arms before I landed on the ground. His began to check for injuries on me.

His fingers brushed against my leg, he looked at his fingertips. They were covered in my blood.

"Fuck...", I mumbled as I could feel myself starting to pass out.

"Shit Luciana. This is bad"

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