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Luciana POV:

"Did you get what you needed to know?", Alexander asked me as I left the torture scene inside Barry's house.

I murderously smirked, "Everything and more..."

I took out my phone and pulled up the address Barry informed me of. Alexander peered over my shoulder at my phone screen.

"I thought he told you everything you needed. Why do you have directions to another place", he noisily questioned.

I sighed before explaining, "he told me everything I needed that he knew. He happened to know of multiple places where I can find other low lives like himself." I began to walk towards my or, well our destination.

We didn't spark any conversation until we were traveling on the subway. The cart was empty, usual for this time of the evening, perfect for awkward private conversating.

I spoke, not looking at Alexander, trying to make it not so awkward," How close are you to Mia?"

"Not close. She's my half-sister, my mother had her a few years after me and Al-Nicolas", I could tell talking about his twin was and will be a sore subject for a while.

"So, you won't get in my way when the time comes?"

He hesitated, " No, but I don't think I can witness another family member dying so brutally."

I nodded.

Luckily, the train ride wasn't very long. When it stopped, we were only a few blocks away from the underground fight club at an abandoned building.

Once we arrived at the fight club, a guard was stationed outside the door. Almost like a bouncer at a club.

"Name", he demanded once we got close enough.

I glared harshly at him," Lucifer", I snapped, not in the mood for this.

He scoffed. "Yeah, like a tiny weak girl like yourself is Lucifer. That'll be the day I win the lottery."

"For the record, Mike," I explained and smirked once I witnessed his face pale," Lucifer's identity is only know by a select few. I suggest you open that door for me and my friend before things turn ugly."

He almost instantly opened the door for me and Alexander. 

"Sorry for the inconvenience", He softly muttered as we walked by.

Before we could get close to the large groups of people, Alexander whispered to me," How'd you know his name?"

I shrugged, " I didn't."

He glanced at me with a puzzled look.

I smirked, "Mike is a very common name. It may have just been his middle name."

"And if that doesn't work", he questioned.

I sighed, "I would have stabbed him, killing him. Left you outside as a decoy guard until I got what I needed from inside."

Our conversation was interrupted as the loud voice of the announcer annoyingly bounced off the walls of the building. The closer we walked to the fighting ring, the larger the crowds became.

While I was much shorter than Alexander, it was easier for me to weave through the swarms of people. I somehow escaped from his side. He must have gotten distracted by the bloody fight happening.

Today, I wasn't interested in that. I needed to negotiate with the bartender. Somehow while trying to push past the people, I made it to the bar.

"One long island iced tea", I announced to the middle-aged bartender once I was close enough.

"We have a special for tonight only; that particular drink comes with one free shot of your choice with no additional charge", he explained.

I declined, taking a seat on one of the bar stools," Only the tea."

He nodded with an amused grin," Searching for anything in particular?"

"I'm interested in any and all information including the location of Mia Salomon", I rested my hands on the bar.

He pondered for a moment, that grin still plastered on his face," No one has yet to request any information on that particular person."

I annoyingly sighed, "I do not appreciate my time being wasted. Do you know what I'm after or not?"

He left for a brief moment, going to cater to the other customers, they were only after drinks. Bartering with low lives were and always will be a pain.  I actually might need to take him up on that offer for that free shot.

He soon came back, leaning closer to me. "I do indeed have information on what you are after, however it all comes at a price. What do you have to offer?"

I murderously grinned to myself as I took my bag off my back, resting it on my lap. My hand dug through the contents, only after one particular item. Once I felt the familiar t-shirt I wrapped it in, I pulled it out and placed it on the bar.

He greedily snatched it off the counter, that amused smile still on his face. He carefully and quickly unwrapped it.  My own grin got even more murderous once I watched that smile instantly fall from his face and his skin pale.

I smirked, "Tell me what I came searching for or I do the same to you... Only when I do the same to you, I'll do it much... much slowly that him."

With shaky hands, he dropped the item into the garbage can.

He visibly gulped, his voice as small as a mouse," Yes, I understand and accept your terms."

I raised an eyebrow at him, urging him to continue.

"The last thing I had heard about Mrs. Saloman was that she was hiding out in Manhattan", he replied, the fear ominous in his shaky voice.

I nodded, "Thank you for the Long Island Iced Tea."

I hopped off the bar stool, ready to locate Alexander, and get out of here. However, before I could get too far away from the bar, a hand had a tight grip on my wrist. I turned around quickly, ready to kill the person who dared touch me. It was only the bartender, he wasn't a threat.

"I have more information", He rushed out.

"Go on."

He leaned closer, I could feel his breath on my ear.

"Her brother is dead", he whispered.

I smirked, "Yes I already know that I am the one who put him down."

He moved away from my ear shaking his head," Do not be so cocky, the only one of her brothers who is dead is Alexander."

My face paled.... how did I not realize sooner.

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