1. Luciana, Luciana Roman.

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"Stop Please Stop!", the poor bastard begged as he began to cough up some blood.

I used my glove covered hand to tilt his head back, making him look into my dull eyes.

"You deserve every single thing that I have done to you...", I could hear some police sirens in the distance," aww looks like our fun is over."

I took my knife from my pocket and slit the bastard's throat, watching as he choked on his own blood. I doubled checked that I had all of my belongings before deserting the scene and into my car. I drove to the local liquor store to get something.

Before entering the store, I noticed that the usual cashier wasn't working this evening. He would always sell to me even though I am five years underage. I guess we will see if this guy values his life.

He greeted me as I entered the shop, I went back and got my favorite whiskey from the shelf and put it on the counter.

"I.D Please", the guy demanded.

"It's lost", I shrugged.

I glanced at the clock before grabbing my bottle and dashing out of the store. Once I turn my head away from the cashier, I realize there was a police officer in the doorway. I crashed into him having no time to stop moving, the bottle shattered, and the contents went all over both of us.

"Thief", the cashier yelled as I got to my feet.

"Obviously", I mumbled as I started to sprint out of the store.

The officer was still on my tail when I got to my car, I got in, and quickly drove away. By the time I got two streets away there were two cop cars following me. It was obvious they were trying to get my plate numbers. Jokes on them I stole this car.

After a few more streets the car starts to stagger, I look at the fuel gauge. Empty.

"God damn it", I scream as I hit my steering wheel. There is a knock at my window, an officer who looked rather frustrated.

"Please exit the vehicle  with your hands where I can see them."

I get out of the car with my hands in his eyesight, having no other choice, the officer puts some cuffs on me and puts me into his car.

"This is not what I wanted to do this evening", the officer mumbles as he starts the car up.

"What did you want to do then", I ask him.

"You know there is a murderer on the loose and you think it is a good idea to attempt to shoplift", he lectured," I bet your parents are worried sick about you."

I shrug. He takes me to station and takes me back to an interrogation room. A female officer comes into the room.

"What's your name so we can get in touch with some family members", she asks me.

"They are all dead", I tell her.

"Last name at least", she begs.

"Luciana, Luciana Roman. Have fun getting them to come out here", I snicker as she leaves the room with pity on her face.

No one else opened the door. I stared at the clock for hours, watching the time waste away for hours. The door slammed open. I jerked my head to the side to look at the officer that I am expecting.

"Martino Roman, send any more children away?", I say smugly as he looks shocked," What? It is just curiosity."

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