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 Luciana POV:

Everything went to shit, let me catch you up to speed.

                                                                              A few hours ago

I got inside the truck with Alexander. He was in the drivers seat. As soon as we were fully outside the garage, the door to the garage burst open. Nicolas was stood in the doorway with a gun in his hand.

Bullet after bullet was fired at us. Alexander floored the gas petal and got us out of the way.

"Hold on tight", he roared as we flew down the driveway towards a gate.

"Alexander! It's not open", I yelled.

"No shit sherlock", he said through gritted teeth.

Somehow, the truck went even faster. I covered my head and face with my arms as we slammed into the gate. The gate was open, but the front of the truck was smashed. I really hope it can still drive.

His head was rested on the steering wheel, he was out cold. I started to shake him.

"Wake the fuck up if you don't want to die."

He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. 

"Drive", I screamed at him.

Reality must have set in for him. The truck slowly started to move again. As we drove over the end of the driveway, a noise filled the tense air. The back tire was deflating.

"Could anything go right for once", I demanded.

Alexander sighed.

"Switch me seats", I told him. 

He nodded before we maneuvered over each other to switch seats. I pressed the gas petal, the truck staggered. It wouldn't drive for much longer. A plan invaded my head.

"It's not going to drive all busted up like this forever", He started to panic.

"Jeez what gave that away? Where is the nearest gas station"

"Luciana! The fuel isn't our issue, I filled it up before I turned myself in"

"Unless you want to die, I suggest you give me directions right now", 

He sighed," Take a left at the light and a right at the stop sign."

I nodded.

I didn't stop for the light or the stop sign. Blue and red lights covered the rear view mirrors.

"You have got to be kidding", I sneered. I pressed down on the gas petal even harder," Take the gun and start shooting those fuckers."

"I'm terrible at shooting", he was getting even more nervous.

"Quit being a fucking pussy before we end up in jail", I screamed.

He took the gun from my waist and stuck his head outside the window. He started to fire the gun at the police cars. I watched in the mirrors while trying to keep the truck on the road. A bullet must have struck their tire. The cop's car started to spin out of control. Once they were off the road, Alexander moved back inside the truck.

"And you said you were a terrible shot", I laughed.

"Shut up", He joined my laughing.

The truck started to stagger even more. I knew we wouldn't make it to a gas station. I pulled the truck into the closest alley way. Somehow, we made it to the shady part of town. Best place to dump the vehicle.

"This is out stop. Empty your pockets", I told him.

He looked at me confusingly before he began to empty his pockets onto the middle seat.

"We can't drive this rust bucket anymore, it's to risky.", I explained.

I picked up the twenty dollar bill and stuffed it into my pocket. I took the bank card and broke it in half, throwing the pieces out the window.

"Bitch, that was my car-"

"Lesson one from hiding from someone, don't use anything that they can track you with. Vehicles, cars, phones etc."

He nodded.

"C'mon we have to get as far away from this truck as possible", I left the keys in the igniton hoping someone would drive it off somewhere.

He followed me as I got out of the truck.

"Mind telling me where we are?", I asked.

"New York", he smiled at me.

"Perfect, I know a few people who owe me a favor or two."I smirked.

He had a puzzled look on his face.

"How did you get those favors?"

"Oh, you know, Hid a body or two. The usual."

He looked at me like I was a crazy person.

I sighed.

"I'll explain it to you once we are safe"

Before he could open his mouth to say anything, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to follow me. The first place we need to go is downtown, I needed to pay Zane a visit. 

Once we reached the subway, I pulled him into an empty train car.

"Mind telling me where we are going, and why you hid bodies for favors", he asked with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Fine. But you are going to want to sit down, it's a long story", I nervously spoke.

He sat down.

"I'll tell you the quick version. After I watched you 'die', I was an awful person. I left Mrs. Peters home. I was on the streets for few weeks, on the brink of death. I attempted to steal a few necessities from a store. When I was being chased, I got pulled into an alley way. The person was Zane. We are going to his house, he helped me grow up."


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