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Luciana POV:

As I opened my eyes, all I felt was a pounding headache. I didn't think I drank that much last night. I pulled the blankets off of me and got out of bed. I went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After I was all clean, I put on some sweat pants and a hoodie. I decided to venture downstairs. There is a huge possibility that I may get lecture the moment I step downstairs. I sighed as I went down stairs.

As I reached the stair's landing, it was quiet. The silence filled the air except I could hear the tv in the living room. I poked my head into the living room to see who was in the room.  Alessio was lounging on the couch with a plate of syrup covered pancakes on his lap.

"Where is everyone", I asked.

"Work... or school.", he replied as he stuffed his mouth full," I made you some too, their is a plate on the counter."

I nodded and dashed into the kitchen. My mouth watered as I picked up the plate of pancakes. I instantly took off the plastic wrap and put them in the microwave. Once they were finished in the microwave I smothered them in butter and syrup.

I practically inhaled the pancakes. I was starting to behave like my brothers. The plate still had syrup on it, so I washed it and put in back into the cabinet.  I went back into the living room. Alessio was still in the same spot, watching the same show.

"Did grandma go to work too?", I asked.

"Nah, she and our aunts went shopping", he put his plate on the coffee table.

I nodded.

Me and Alessio were watching the tv show and bonding. We were having a conversation about how my older brothers behaved as teenagers.

"So Vince acted like me and Lorenzo?"

"Exactly the same, only he always got caught sneaking back into the house. Lorenzo is more sneaky", He was explaining before gun shots could be heard outside.

"Get upstairs, hide in your closet, and make sure you lock the door", He demanded while reaching under the sofa. 

He pulled out a pistol.

"What is going on?", I demanded.

"Just get upstairs", He shouted.

I sighed before scurrying upstairs to my room. I went into my closet and locked the door. I started to panic.

"It's happening again", I muttered, "They are going to send me away again... they are going to hate me..."

I heard my bedroom door creak open, I covered my hands with my mouth. 

"Where the fuck is she", the person grumbled.

"The file said she was a serial killer when she lived in New York, Keep your gaurd up", another person stated.

The person was right, I am a killer. I slid on a pair of boots and stuck a knife into each, I had a pistol in each of my hands. I unlocked the door and kicked it open. The two people were surprised to see me.

I pulled the trigger and shot them each in the head. Their bodies fell to the floor.  Another person came running towards me, I wasn't quick enough. Something pierced my arm, I hissed in pain. With a fight, I got behind them. I pulled the little knife out of my arm and sliced their throat with it.

I chuckled to myself as his blood ran down his body onto my now ruined carpet. As much as I despised having my things ruined, I loved watching the blood.

A scream pulled me out of my trance.... it was Alessio's scream.

I ran down the stairs, Alessio was being held still by two men. Another was running a knife across his face.

"Tell me where Lucifer is or I cut your eye out", The person demanded while pressing the knife into his skin.

"I don't fucking know who that is", Alessio spat into his face.

The person moved the knife closer to his eye, before he could do anything else, I threw one of the knifes from my boot into the back of his head. I used my pistol to kill the other two  men. I made sure to look around the room to make sure they were all dead, I will not have a repeat of last time.

Alessio was on the ground wincing in pain, holding his hand over his arm. I ran upstairs and grabbed some medical supplies. Alessio's face was pale when I got downstairs.

"I'll try to be quick, I promise", I told him.

He weakly nodded. I took out the proper supplies. He moved his hand from his arm, I pressed gauze onto the wound. I put stitches into his arm and cleaned it once I was finished.

"I am sorry Alessio, I will kill them all to make this right. I swear on my life I will", I wrapped the stitches with a bandage wrap.

"Lucky, it is such a shame that my men invaded your home", As I heard his voice, I began to see red.

"What the fuck does he want", I said through gritted teeth.

"If you want to do this the easy way, come outside... Or the hard way. I'll kill a few of your family members then send my men inside to get you", I could hear the smirk when he spoke.

I peered the curtain back to see if he was bluffing.... He wasn't.

Each one of my family members were on their knees with guns to their heads.

"You have five minutes before I kill one of them... starting with Vincenzo", I watched him point his own gun at Vince.


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