14. Which one of you fuckers took the last one

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Luciana Pov:

I awoke early the next morning; the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon. I was surrounded by my brothers' sleeping bodies. Well almost all of them. Antonio was nowhere to be seen. I gently untangled myself from Lorenzo's arm. It was quite a challenge to get out of the room without stepping on any of them, but I managed to do so.

Once I was out of the room it took me some time to think of where Antonio would be. I doubt he would be outside, since it is kind of cold this early in the morning. The first day that I had arrived here he did storm off into the gym to release some steam. Maybe he would be there, it wouldn't hurt to check.  

When I reached the gym, I stayed in the doorway to see if he was actually in there. Like I had thought, he was on a treadmill in the room with headphones on. He took them off quickly and put them on a table next to the treadmill.

"What are you doing in here Luciana?", he snapped.

"I could ask you the exact same thing Antonio... It is a bit early to be working out, isn't it?"

"Last I checked I am a grown man and if I want to work out in the morning I will..."

I squeezed my hand into a tight fist. "Fine then forget I ever came in here."

I stormed out of the house and down the driveway onto the streets. Some people gave me some strange looks as I walked, Others just ignored me. Okay, this is less crowded then New York plus its day time. I will not get caught; I cannot get caught. As I was walking some people began to scream and yell in an Ice cream shop across the street from where I was. A man took off running hold a bag.

An elderly lady came outside the shop and began to sob into her hands, while falling onto her knees. I smirked to myself before I began to chase after the person, from a distant of course. As I was lurking behind my soon to be victim a realization had struck me, I had no knives or guns on me. Oh well time to let some creativity out. 

The person cut threw an alley between two buildings. Before I followed, I took some old rope out of one of the garbage bins and made a trap so if this person decided to run past me, they would trip. I took my hood of my hoodie and put it over my head. 

"Imagine being dead... no worries... no responsibilities... sounds like perfect paradise to me", I whispered as I grabbed a broken broom stick from the garbage and stayed close to the person.

 They held the bag tightly in their hands.

"Get out of here ... this is my money", they said as they realized I was there.

"You know what, you won't need to imagine what being dead is like ...", I took the broken end of the broom stick and held it very tightly to their throat, their back was pressed against the wall.

"I said get out of here!", they sneered.

"You know you are really starting to piss me off... You want to know what happens to people who piss me off.", The person's eyes began to go wide," They die"

I stabbed the broom stick into their neck. I moved it from side to side to create a bigger wound.  Blood began to rush down their clothing and onto the concrete. Their hands went to the broom, to try and stop me from moving it. They finally fell limp after some struggling. 

I picked up the bag and opened it. Inside of it was a large amount of money. I took out a hand full and put it into my pockets. I put the rest in the bag, then stuffed the bag into the hole in the person's throat.

"There's the money you had to have... Hope it was worth your life you greedy pig.", I whispered to the corpse.

I cleaned off the broom stick for any of my possible fingerprints. Then I deserted the alley and went to a local donut shop that I noticed while chasing my victim. Inside, it was nice and wholesome. I ordered seven donuts, and left, I made sure to leave a nice tip of a hundred dollars. I went back to the house. Once I opened the door, I realized how much chaos I had left the house in.

All of my brothers except for Antonio were frantically running through the house searching for something.

"Hey guys I'm back from getting donuts", I announced loudly to pull them out of their panicked state.

Leonardo was the first to come over to me. He wrapped his arms around me tightly.

"Watch it Leo, you're going to smush the donuts", I mumbled while I moved the box away from him.

"I could care less about donuts Ana. Someone was murdered not too far from here. I'm glad you're back safe."

I frowned with disappointment. One of my kills have never been found that quickly before. It looks like I will have to properly hide the body next time. I wiggled out of Leo's hold and went into the dining room.

 I opened the box, placed it on the table, and each of my brothers took a donut. Everyone but Antonio. Only one donut was left, and I took it.  Someone must have told him that I brought the treats since he just knew to come into the dining room at that exact moment.

"Which one of you fuckers took the last one", He grumbled annoyingly with his jaw clenched.

"Oops, looks like I forgot to get enough for everyone.", I smirked at him while I ate my breakfast.

He glared at me, held his hands in fists, then stormed off to the gym again. Oh well, maybe I'll remember to get a grown adult a donut next time.


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