5. When has a gunshot wound ever been nice?

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Luciana POV:

As I followed the car that kidnapped my unconscious brother, I began to ponder how much Martino trained my idiot brothers. The moron clearly didn't do a good enough job. The car traveled for maybe two miles before stopping in front of an old, abandoned factory. I quickly hid behind a car on cinder blocks as the men took Vince out of the truck and inside the rotting building.

I waited a few minutes before going to the other side of the building, luckily there was a back door. I went inside with my gun tightly in my hand. As soon as I entered, the sound of a man screeching filled my ears, it didn't sound like Vince or Martino. I stayed out of sight and went in the direction of the noise.

I peeked my head into the room before entering. Vince was tied to a chair along with Martino. Martino's head was limp, one can only hope he is dead. The man began to punch Vince in the nose, a loud cracking sound filled the air. That made my blood boil.

Almost all of the men rapidly left while laughing to each other, only one remained in the room. I took my gun that had a silencer on it, held it up, and walked toward the man. His back was turned away from my direction. I got about two feet away from him and fired my gun at his head. I caught his body before it hit the ground, lowering him down swiftly. I promptly sprinted to Vince and began cutting the rope from his wrists. Martino was starting to regain consciousness.

"Don't scream or make any noise", I whispered into Vince's ear as I cut the last knot using my pocketknife.

"Luci get out... of here... you could get hurt", Martino groaned as he struggled to stay conscious.

"It's Luciana to you", I sneered and handed Vince my knife "Get yourself out of here, if you want to take him with you that's your decision."

"I'm not leaving without you Luci", Vince whispered.

"Relax, I'll meet you at Bonnie's Donuts on Main Street afterwards", I patted his shoulder and smiled.

I swear I could feel his eye roll as I followed in the direction that the men had gone. I glanced through the small window on the door, only ten inside they were all focused on the football game on the flatscreen. I snapped open the door and began firing my weapon at their heads.

I heard the sound of a gun, my head snapped in Vincenzo's direction. Then I felt the pain that traveled up my left leg. Blood began to seep through my pant leg. My fingers touched my pant leg, I stared at my fingertips. They were covered in crimson.

My head snapped as I glanced over at each of the men. The man on the sofa was clutching his shoulder where I had missed his head. Then I realized who he was... Simon Matias the biggest drug lord in New York. I quickly raised my gun and shot him in the chest.

"You'll rot... For this...", he groaned as blood poured out of his mouth.

"Doubtful. I know what you do when no one is looking", I glared.

As my adrenaline began to fade, the pain began to get worse. I lowered myself down to sit, well more like fell. I used my hands to apply pressure to my leg. I bit my lip hard, stopping myself from making any noise. I grabbed one of the corpses and tore their shirt off, tying the fabric around my wound.

My vision began to go blurry; I fell backwards as my remaining consciousness quickly faded. I opened my eyes as more pain surged through my leg, I sat up quickly. Vince was on his knees near my wound, applying pressure.

"Well hello brother", I chuckled, still feeling fuzzy.

"I knew I shouldn't have left you alone", He began untying the shreds of clothing that I wrapped around the wound.

"Don't beat yourself up over it. I insisted"

"Luciana! Your fucking bleeding from a bullet wound, a bad fucking wound at that."

"When has a gunshot ever been nice?"

He glared at me.

"I'm going to stitch it shut, this is going to be painful."

He took a needle and inserted it into my skin. He wasn't lying, it hurt really bad. Before he could get halfway finished, I lost all of my consciousness once more.


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