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Luciana Pov:

As soon as Nicolas was out of sight, Cora grabbed my hair. She forced me to look into her eyes.

"All your pathetic father can say is how much he wants to have a relationship with you. Your to damn selfish to realize it", as the words left her mouth, a bit of her saliva landed on my face.


I did the most reasonable thing at the time, I spat some of my own DNA onto her face. The disgust practically radiated off of her, I watched as the rage built inside of her.

"You really are a selfish bitch", she sneered.

She stopped forcing me to look at her, I fell onto my knees. Her hand instantly went to my arm with the knife wound.  Cora dug her nails into my skin. I bit my tongue to keep myself from making any noise. I glared at her.

Her phone buzzed, she took it out of her pocket, and read the screen. She kept her grip on my arm and began to walk in the direction that Mia had disappeared to. I struggled to not drag against the ground.

Her painful grip on my arm was soon released. I fell straight onto the concrete floor. Before I could turn my head to look at the metal door it was slammed shut. 

I went straight to the doorknob and attempted to open the door. It was locked. I knew I needed to get out of here soon. If I didn't, my family would do something idiotic trying to rescue me. Their was just one thing stopping me. My wrists were still bound together.

The bindings weren't too tight, nor did they feel really strong. I could attempt to rub the rope together to break, however that could result in rope burn. An idea hit me. I began to chew on the rope. 

While trying to untie myself, a childhood memory invaded my mind.

Flash back: 

I was three years old. Me and three of my brothers were playing a superhero and villians game. Me and Leo were the heroes while Lorenzo and Marcello were the villians. It was one of our favorites.

I wasn't as fast as Leo so I would always end up being caught first and Leo would need to rescue me.

 "You will never see your hero friend again", Marcello rambled while I was behind him, Lorenzo was sat on the bed with his arms crossed," Unless you tell us where the diamond is."

"I'll never tell you, villians", Leo replied.

I remember that day vividly.

The only thing better than the heroes and villains' game was when Vince came to play with us. He would rarely play and had excuse after excuse when I asked him to join. 

"Sorry Luci, I've got school work to do."

Every day after dinner Mama would go into the study to read and relax. That night, I followed her inside.

"Is everything alright honey? You never come in here," She sat her book on the stand and motioned for me to come closer.

I got on the small sofa with her. She pulled me closer, she just knew something was upsetting me.

"Mama, I don't think Vincey likes me anymore.", I said with tears threatening to escape my eyes.

"Why do you think that?", she asked.

"He never plays anymore, and he's never home anymore", A few tears escaped my eyes and ran down my face.

"I know he wants to spend time with you and play but he's got to keep up with his school work", she explained soothingly.

"Promise he doesn't hate me?"

"I pinky promise he doesn't", Mama held out her pinky finger to link to mine.

Flashback over

The ropes were nearly completely off my wrists. As soon as I felt the tension in them break I heard footsteps getting closer to the door. I maneuvered the ropes to make it seem as if I was still tied up.

The door opened and Mia entered the cell with a knife in her hand. She stood over me, twirling the weapon in her hands.

"You know, I tried so hard to get you the night of party," She pressed the blade onto my face," I planned on getting you once I had you alone outside. That hovering brother of yours just had to ruin my plans."

Once she noticed I was having no reaction, she pressed the blade harder into my skin. Making blood run down my jaw.

"Here soon, I am going to kill you.... and your precious mama... that those backstabbing brothers of yours", I sneered.

"Are you that delusional that you think that you are in the position to be making death threats," She smirked as she moved the knife onto my neck. She didn't apply any pressure," Aww.. where'd all that confidence go."

She removed the knife from my neck and left the room. I kept the ropes over my wrists knowing someone else would be coming in here soon. As I predicted, Cora entered the room with two men following behind her.

"What's with the long face? Are you not excited to see me sweetheart?", she taunted.

I glared at her and remained silent. I watched as the frustration rose inside her.

"Don't want to talk? That's fine, we can skip the chit chat and move to the reason I came to see you. Brian... Paul... Do what I told you. Try to avoid her face", She explained as she went to the nearest corner and sat in the wooden chair.

Brain and Paul came toward me. Their faces showed zero emotion. One forced me to my feet and held me still with his arms. The other stood in front of me and began to land hit after hit on my torso.

Small hisses escaped my lips. After a few minutes, I felt and heard a loud crack. I bit my tongue to stop the small scream that wanted to leave my throat.

The one behind me removed his arms from my body. I fell onto my knees. The two men left me and went to the door. Cora walked over to me, she placed her hand on my jaw and forced me to look into her eyes.

"The next time you do not reply I will not hold them back", she removed her hand from my jaw and went into the door way, "By any chance would you know anything about Alexander's location."

"Even if I did know I wouldn't tell you. It's obvious he doesn't want to be with you."

She stormed out of the room. The door slammed shut, however I did not hear the sound of the lock.


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